Alternative Religions

Thanks largely to the New Age movement, awareness of alternative religions is at an all-time high. Our experts help you distinguish fact from fiction regarding a diverse variety of alternative religions.

Often denounced as evil cults or superstitious nonsense, these beliefs are actually remnants of some of the world's oldest religions and should not be so readily dismissed. Even if you do not plan to engage in any of the religions or practices described here, knowing something about them can help you learn to distinguish fact from fiction, increase your religious tolerance, and reduce misunderstandings.

The New Age movement, which began in the Victorian era as a non-religious British study group called Theosophy, offers radical re-interpretation of Hindu and Buddhist thought combined with Gnostic Christianity and modern American Spiritualism. Other movements are reconstructionist attempts to revive and continue major religions of the pre-Christian era such as a belief in the Greek or Egyptian gods. Many of the articles here are influenced by New Age thought and touch upon a number of these ancient beliefs. We also include several articles on Wicca, which is possibly one of the most misunderstood religions of all time.

Our experts provide introductions to these religions and movements, along with popular practices in folk spirituality. You'll find helpful articles on the correct use of amulets and talismans, meditation, and the interpretation of dreams. You can read an introduction to shamanism and even how to put your hair in dreadlocks like the Rastafarians, who believe this distinctive hairstyle links the wearer directly with God. Venturing a bit further afield, we discuss verifying paranormal phenomena, the development of psychic abilities, and how to track conflicts between ethnic groups. Personal approaches to basic elements of Christian faith, such as the concept of grace, are also discussed. We also have articles on atheism, agnosticism, and positive thinking. If you're interested in any aspect of alternative religions, our site will help you gain experience and expand your knowledge base.

More Alternative Religions Articles

  • How to Develop Self Awareness and Live a More Fulfilling Life

    Happiness is not a destination we can reach by trying to get there. In the words of Dr. Spock, happiness is only a precious by-product of other worthwhile activities....
  • How to Change Your Beliefs (And Why You Should Want To)

    Are your beliefs getting in the way of you living your best life? Then it's time to learn how to change your beliefs. People are constantly changing the way they think...
  • How To Practice Shamanism

    An interest in practicing Shamanism should be approached carefully and strategically. Shamanism is considered a magical religion so to getting involved needs thorough...
  • How To Strengthen Clairvoyant Ability

    Clairvoyant ability is the capacity to use your intuition to gain knowledge or information about a person, place or thing. It’s when you just get a certain feeling...
  • How To Use Spiritual Energy through Shamanism

    Shamanism is among those old systems of beliefs, which trace their roots back to pagan tradition and practices. An old religion in many ways similar to animism,...
  • How To Use “The Secret” to Make your Life Better

    The Secret is a worldwide best selling book authored by Rhonda Byrne. The book reveals how the law of attraction works in everyday life and how it can be harnessed to...
  • How To Make Tibetan Prayer Flags

    Hoping for some good fortune? Encourage it to come your way through these prayer flags. Here's how to make Tibetan prayer flags.
  • How To Make a Pagan Rosary

    Are you involved in pagan religion? Find tips for creating rosaries or prayer beads for meditation and relaxation. Here’s how to make a pagan rosary.
  • How To Initiate Yourself as a Solitary Wiccan

    Want to become a wiccan? With these tips, you can learn to initiate yourself. Here's how to initiate yourself as a solitary wiccan.
  • How To Chant for Abundance

    Bring abundance into your life or into the world with chant when you chant for abundance.
  • How To Celebrate Spring Equinox

    Want to celebrate spring in a unique way? Learn the traditions surrounding the vernal equinox. Here's how to celebrate spring equinox.
  • How To Get In Touch with Personal Spirit Guides

    Astral projections, lucid dreams and even simple visualizations are common way that we get in touch with our personal spirit guides for assistance and enlightenment.
  • How To Select a Wiccan Name

    If you want to become a Wiccan, there are certain things you should know. And one of them is learning how to select the right Wiccan name.
  • How To Celebrate Ostara

    Ostara is a pagan celebration that falls at the same time as Easter, between the 19th to the 23rd of March. Another name for the Ostara is the Spring Equinox.
  • How To Become Ordained as a Presbyterian Minister

    If you are sure you are called to be a Presbyterian minister, it is time you get ordained and fulfill your life purpose.
  • How To Find a Sanctuary

    There are places you can go to recharge your mind and your spirit. All it takes is the effort to find one. Places like these are called a sanctuary.
  • How To Become a Scientologist

    If the solutions offered by this religion are acceptable to you, then follow the instructions provided here and on the official web site, to become a scientologist.
  • How To Learn Easy Love Spells For Free

    Wiccan Magic is full of positive-vibe spells, which revolve around friendship, life, and romance - yes, Love! Find out how you can perform easy loves spell for free!
  • How To Lead a Religious Life

    A religious life is a life focused on the belief in, and worship of, a higher power. Read tips to lead a rewarding religious life.
  • How To Do Voodoo Love Spells

    The term voodoo is most commonly used to describe things that are beyond human understanding. This concept is often associated with folk magic or ‘hoodoo’ in the...
  • How To Write a Personal Ethics Statement

    The purpose of writing a personal ethics statement is to merely put onto paper what you already believe in your heart.
  • How To Grow in Grace

    Growing in grace follows the same principal of growth as any other area of life: statute, action, consequence and choice.
  • How To Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Whatever you Desire

    By following this manifestation technique to the letter, you will be a vibrational match to your desires.
  • How To Prepare for Meditation

    You have learned about meditation but require more information on how to prepare for it. Here's how to set up the optimal environment for meditating.
  • How To Use Talismans

    Talismans are objects, ranging from medals and crystals to rings and charms, which have the power to do good for the person who carries them.
  • How To Bless a Home

    The ceremony to bless your home can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish it to be. Learn some of the more popular ways to bless your home.
  • How To Join Paranormal Investigations

    Follow these tips to join in the excitement and discovery of paranormal investigations.
  • How To Tell if Your Psychic Reading Is Genuine

    Psychic readings have become popular, however don’t fall victim to an illegal moneymaking scheme.
  • How To Read People's Minds Like a Psychic

    There is still no real scientific basis that reading minds is possible. Some psychics claim to read minds but science explains such ability as merely reading body...
  • How To Capture a Recording of EVP

    Electronic voice phenomena (EVP)—these are sections of noise on the radio or electronic recordings that expose sound similar to voices. Sometimes, paranormal...
  • How To Tap into the Spirit Within Yourself

    In the middle of the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, you may sometimes feel restless, empty or for lack of a better term, longing for inner peace. It does not...
  • How To Make a Mandala

    Mandala means circle. It represents entirety. Here are directions for making your own personal mandala. It will represent your own being. You will have a better...
  • How To Find Yourself: Spiritual Awakening for Inner Peace

    Most people make an effort to find themselves at least once in their lifetime. What exactly does this mean? How do you find yourself? What you need is a spiritual...
  • How To Stop Worrying

    Learn simple techniques to help you stop worrying.
  • How To Stay in the Present Moment

    This article will help you stay focused in the present moment of awareness.
  • How To Cast Spells

    Casting a spell can be easy! There are many generic spells that can help you in every area of your life. Spells for love, protection, and good fortune are just a few...
  • How To Stop Fearing

    How to stop fears from taking over your life and live the life you were meant to live!
  • How To Reprogram your Brain

    Did you know that our neurons that fire together, wire together? This is why our paths continue in much the same fashion every day; we do the same things day in and...
  • How To Understand Life Signs

    What's life trying to teach you? What does God or the Universe want you to know? Tap into your own intuitive sense, see the patterns, and figure out what they mean for...
  • How To Read Tarot Cards

    Many people know someone who has at least a passing knowledge of the Tarot, but is it something that can be learned by anyone? Absolutely! Here are five steps to begin...
  • How To Read Tea Leaves

    Reading tea leaves is an old tradition. Fortune tellers on several continents have practiced this art of divination. With a few simple steps, you, too, can interpret...
  • How To Do a Self-Directed Retreat

    Ever thought of doing a retreat? 'Retreat', nowadays, has become a buzz word in many organizations where a bit of corporate soul-searching is seen as a good way of...
  • How To Learn More About the Mormon Faith

    How to learn more about the the Mormon Faith (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). You will learn ways to find out true beliefs of the LDS faith.
  • How To Practice Three Simple Meditations

    A guide for performing three simple meditations is given. The meditations for inner silence, yellow rose, and heart-mind connection is described.
  • How To Make Dreadlocks

    Dreadlocks are a hairstyle developed and worn in the warmer Caribbean climates, generally in Jamaica. Followers of Ras Tafari, or Rastafarians, generally wear dread...
  • How To Understand God

    God is to each individual what he or she perceives God to be. So make your perception a good one.
  • How To Excel in Your Studies

    Learning how to strive for excellence and how to appreciate what comes at the end.
  • How To Meditate for Enlightenment

    Do you want to be truly inspired? How about getting rid of all of your stress? Meditation will open up the avenue to enlightenment and it only takes 15 minutes of your...
  • How To Achieve Peace, Happiness and Freedom

    The nature of every man is to achieve peace, happiness and freedom because it is the true nature of self/soul. However, worldly man seldom finds it within society. The...
  • How To Access Your Intuition

    As a contemporary artist and spiritual book author I have discovered ways to receive very clear information from my Higher Self. It is an invaluable asset to have the...