How To Understand Angels and Demons

Fashion, TV programs, commercials, product labels, and tattoos use symbols and figures like angels and demons to communicate a message. Angels and demons are even used to add humor to an ad or a program. With this frequent use of prominent figures, more and more questions are arising. What are angels? How did they come about? Are there demons? What do they look like? Thus, studies are conducted in order to answer these trivial questions about the attributes and the origin of both angels and demons. Let us try to talk about one kind at a time. 

Here are facts about angels.

  1. The Greek term "angellos" is the origin of the word angel. To simplify, messenger is the definition of "angellos"; thus, angels serve as Jesus' messengers.
  2. Not all angels have wings. An estimate of 29% of angels have wings.
  3. Angels serve as channels from deities of heaven to human beings. Because deities and human beings use diverse languages, angels are known to possess the gift of translation.
  4. Angels are said to come about since Jesus created the world and everything on it.
  5. Angels surround Jesus. Hence, the main task of angels is to serve and to worship Jesus. Some angels are sent by Jesus to look after His believers.
  6. Angels are said to live in the lower region of Heaven.
  7. Angels, like nuns and priests, practice celibacy. Angels do not get married.
  8. Angels are spirits yet more people believe that angels show up too.
  9. Angels are said to be very powerful. They have more power than human beings do.
  10. Angels provide human beings with advice.
  11. According to scripture from the Bible, there is an existence of numerous angels namely Seraphim, Dominions, heavenly creatures, Cherubim, living creatures, Powers, and Archangels. Estimates of thirty types of angels are recorded.
  12. Angels are categorized according to their frequency of operation. Frequency includes the way messages are relayed to deserving human beings sometimes through airwaves.

Here are facts about demons.

  1. Demons have unclear sexual identity.
  2. Demons are characterized by black wings.
  3. Demons have the ability to stay in the world of human beings (e.g. baseball fields). However, they are not allowed to leave Hell without seeking their master's consent.
  4. Demons have the capability to direct some animals like the crow to perform evil deeds.
  5. Demons take the form of animals when they enter the world of human beings.
  6. Demons are not allowed in the world of the angels. Demons who force themselves in the angel's worlds are frayed into pieces.
  7. Demons are fond of people near death.
  8. Demons are permitted to consume the soul of human beings. On the other hand, demons do not have the ability to consume the spirit of the angels.

Since the existence of humans began, both the idea of angels and demons have mesmerized human beings. Aside from ads and programs, books also include the concept of existence of these figures. The above-mentioned concepts about angels and demons are abstracted from Bible scriptures and studies. It is up to you, which you will choose between these two common adages: "To see is to believe" or "Believe and you will see."


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