How To Attain Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual enlightenment can mean many different things to different people. In Buddhism, spiritual enlightenment happens when a person reaches a state of living that is called Buddhahood. This can also mean Nirvana, meaning free of suffering. The state of Nirvana is described as being in a state of peace and giving up all the anger, hatred and obsession with material things. Spiritual enlightenment also means that a person has achieved the highest state of happiness.

Being spiritually enlightened is not as easy as most people think, especially now in this day and age where people are more focused on their earthly possessions. Also, living a busy life can be a hindrance to reaching a state of enlightenment where your mind and body is relaxed and one with your spirit.

Here are a few tips that may help you attain spiritual enlightenment:

  • Self realization. Self realization is the first step that you have to take in order for you to reach spiritual enlightenment. Self realization is a practice that may take years to perfect. With the right dedication, you will be able to achieve this. It is useful to take meditation or yoga classes to help you deal with self realization. Self realization means that you realize that your mind lives on, even after the passing of your physical body. People who have reached self realization are not afraid with the passing of time and the concept of death as they know that their mind lives on long after their physical body is gone.
  • Spiritual counseling. This is another activity that will help you become spiritually enlightened. A lot of individuals go through spiritual counseling in order to reach their spiritual goals. By talking to a spiritual counselor, you will be able to see what really matters to you. You will realize that all the material things that you are holding on to here on earth are not as important as you once thought they were. With this, your daily goals and actions shift from achieving material possessions to achieving a peaceful and content mind, body and soul.
  • Diet and fasting. Your diet is one of the things that you can change in order to attain spiritual enlightenment. For this, you can purchase the book ‘12 Steps to Raw Foods’ by Victoria Boutenko. The book teaches you how to shift from your cooked food diet to raw food diet. What’s nice about this book is that it teaches you about the diet and the author also tells you about the benefits that the raw diet can bring, based on her personal experience. It is said that people who practice a raw food diet seem happier about their outlook in life. Studies also show that consuming raw foods, such as fruit and vegetables is the way to achieve the best health. 

These are some of the things that you can practice in order for you to attain spiritual enlightenment. Remember that the path to enlightenment may not be easy but the rewards are great when you are successful.


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