How To Become a Scientologist

What is common to John Travolta and Tom Cruise, other than the fact that they’re Hollywood stars? They’re both Scientologists, with the latter being very vocal about his religious beliefs! Scientology is a religion with some very specific rules and practices and is quite famous for the fact that most of its followers seem to be well-known celebrities. This article provides you with some basic information about Scientology and how you can become a scientologist.

The founder of Scientology is L Ron Hubbard, and some very interesting information about him can be found at the official Scientology web site including books on the subject, written by him.

Central philosophy
The word ‘Scientology’ means the ‘study of truth’ and it deals with the spirit and its relationships with itself, other spirits and all life. The core beliefs or creed of scientology are as follows:

  1. Man is a spiritual and immortal being;
  2. Human capabilities are unlimited, with a great part of these capabilities not being realized and utilized;
  3. By recognizing and fulfilling one’s own potential, man can solve all his problems and reach a higher plane of knowledge and awareness; there is no need to follow anyone or anything, except oneself.

Becoming a Scientologist

The following is a step-by-step procedure for becoming a scientologist, provided you pass the tests required for admission.

  1. Take the free personality test which is offered on the web site mentioned in the introductory paragraphs.
  2. You can also visit the nearest Scientology church to get a better idea of what the religion is all about and take the personality test in real time.
  3. Undergo an evaluation with an e-meter, a device which tracks responses as you answer questions posed by a scientology advisor.
  4. There are several areas in your life where the study and practice of Scientology will help you become a more effective human being. The purpose of the e-meter is to evaluate and recognize the areas in your life where you can get the maximum benefits through the religion.
  5. Based on the results, you will need to sign-up for various courses as prescribed by your advisor and pay the required fees. Here it is important to sign-up for all the classes recommended, otherwise the practice of Scientology becomes ineffective; also purchase all the study material required for self-study.
  6. For people who cannot afford to pay for all the courses and books, there is an option to work in the Scientology church, but be warned that this will involve extremely long hours and some heavy recruitment targets!

Scientology may offer you some solutions on problems or difficulties you may face in life, such as career, relationships, stress, etc. If the solutions offered by this religion are acceptable to you, then follow the instructions provided here and on the official web site, to become a scientologist.


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