How To Bless a New Home

A house blessing is a religious of a family moving to a new house, while it is a non-religious celebration for some. It has been a traditional practice that is observed for generations. It gives the new house owners a feeling of security and the wish for bounty and happiness in a new dwelling. Family and close friends are the usual guests to the blessing of a new home and blessing ceremony can be performed by a layperson or by an officiant depending on the religion observed by the new home owners. Take a look at some of the ideas for a house blessing.

  • Clean the house and prepare it for the blessing. Decide of the time and date of the house blessing and invite the persons you wish to witness it. Arrange the large furniture pieces. There should be enough walk area, as people will usually follow the officiant as he or she blesses each part of the new home. It would be best not to lay out the carpet so it will be easier to remove the candle wax drips from the floor.
  • Get in touch with the layperson or the officiant who will perform the blessing ceremony. You can discuss how you want the blessing to be performed and choose the prayers that will be said during the ceremony. Check with them the things that you have to prepare for the ceremony.
  • Some ceremonies include the tossing of coins to assure that the family members will be blessed with financial bounty and stability. Others prepare oil, sage smudge and sea salt and other offerings for peace and to ward of evil. Some family members and selected friends may also hold candles that have been blessed and follow the officiant as he blesses each room of the house. Oil is used to anoint the lintel of the house; the lit sage smudge stick will be rubbed around the perimeter and doorjamb of the main door leading into the house and every doorway in the house to cleanse the house of negative energy while sea salt is thrown into the rooms to ward off evil spirits.
  • Prepare some refreshments for your guests. Light snacks and drinks are ideal, unless you want to turn into a small party in celebration of having a new house.
  • Wait for the officiant and the guests at the front of your house. Have the coins receptacles and the candles ready so that they can be blessed before you and your guests enter the house. Give each of the guests a candle and light them as the officiant blesses the door. Open the door and follow the officiant as he goes through each room and bless them.
  • Once the whole house has been blessed, gather the guests in your living room area and toss the coins up. Guests are allowed to pick up the coins and take them home. This is a ceremony for financial bounty. In some cases, the sponsors of the house blessing are the ones who will provide the coins and toss them to the guests so that they can share in the prayers and offering of a bountiful life in their new home. Serve the refreshments afterwards.

Blessing a new home is done once before the whole family moves in. However, if you feel that there is still negativity in your new home, you can ask a friend or a layperson to perform another house blessing with new prayers offerings to release the house of negative forces and invite positive energy for prosperity and happiness.


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