How To Cast Water Spells

Water is an element that can be found virtually anywhere. Because of this fact, it can be a very potent medium for casting spells. Whether you are religious, believe in the occult, or even if you are just practical, water does have certain powers and properties. For example, Christians bless salt and water for exorcism and for blessing people and objects. Voodoo practitioners also have uses for holy water. Even ordinary tap water or fountain water has its purposes for believers of Chinese feng shui.

Here are a few ways you can cast water spells.

  • Use holy water to bless your home. You can have a bottle of holy water refilled at your church. You can ask the church’s sacristan or staff to help you refill your bottle, or you can simply refill it from the font at the front of the church. For more potent holy water, you can even ask a priest to combine water and salt, end pray over it for exorcism. You can then sprinkle water around your home’s doorways and windows to drive out evil spirits.
  • Use voodoo water. You can ask a voodoo priest or practitioner for voodoo holy water. This can be sprinkled on good luck charms or talismans, to increase the luck they bring in. you can also sprinkle voodoo holy water into your bathwater for cleansing someone who has sinned using black magic. Remember to use voodoo water only for good spells; otherwise, bad spells would backfire on you.
  • Use wiccan chants. You can fill a clear bowl with ordinary tap water. Infuse a few drops of essential oils (vanilla or rose will work best). Stir the drops in a clockwise motion, and then place a floating candle atop the water. Light the candle and repeat a chant three times. For example, you can say “As the candle floats on the water, so clear, release all anger and send harmony near.” Come up with any chant you want, or refer to Wiccan or Magic books for chants or spells that convey the message or wish you desire.
  • Use holy water from sacred sources. You can also obtain water from sacred sources around the world. For example, Catholics believe that water from the Lourdes Spring has healing properties. You can also get water obtained from other sacred sources, such as Bath, England; the Bermuda Triangle; the Dead Sea; Notre Dame; or the Ganges.
  • Make your own special water. You can collect water during special days, such as your birthday, Halloween or All Soul’s Day. If it rains during this day, you can collect rainwater using any container. If it doesn’t rain, you can simply fill a container with tap water, and leave it outdoors for the day, so that the energy that the day brings in can be collected in the water. You can then freeze this water for later use, or use it as soon as possible.

Whether you believe in the supernatural, or just plain practical, water is a powerful medium. Water can give life (as a drink and for daily needs), but it can also bring death (in floods and storms). Use water with care, as it is one of nature’s strongest elements.


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