How To Energize and Open Your Chakras

Meditation Tips for Getting Your Energy Flowing

Quantum Physics is showing us that everything is made from the same energy. The energy vibrates in different wavelengths to give us all the things we see and experience in our universe. We, too, are made from this energy and have 'energy bodies' in addition to our physical bodies. Within our energy bodies are the seven chakras or energy centers that regulate certain of our physical organs and areas of our lives.

If you have health problems or difficulties in your life, the source is often negative energy that has been lodged in your energy fields as the result of some past trauma or exposure to negativity from your environment.

Here are some techniques to help you release that negative energy quickly.

  1. Get into a comfortable sitting posture with your spine in an upright position. Sitting cross-legged on the floor is good. Many people who meditate use a half or full lotus position, however these sitting posture may prove too uncomfortable for the average person. Try this alternative: Sit on a large cushion or pillow on the floor and let your legs rest on the floor in front of you. This achieves the goal of tilting your pelvis forward so that your spine will naturally curve forwards with gravity.
  2. Spend a few minutes relaxing and quieting your mind. To relax most effectively, take a series of deep breaths. Three is usually good. Hold each breath for a short time and, as you exhale, tell yourself to relax. Feel your muscles relaxing. On the third breath, tell yourself to mentally relax. Let go of your thoughts and just observe them. The key here is to let go and not try to control your thoughts. Watch them like they were clouds drifting by and just let go.
  3. Visualize each chakra as a ball of colored light. Each chakra has its own wavelength and corresponding color and tone. Begin by seeing the crown chakra as a ball of violet light above your head. Spend a few moments or cycles of breath on each visualization before moving on to the next. The third eye is in the middle of your forehead and is a ball of indigo light. Next, see the throat chakra as a ball of blue. The heart chakra, in the center of your chest, has the color green. In your solar plexus is the chakra with the color yellow. The sacral chakra is in the genital area and its color is orange. Finally the root chakra, at the base of the spine, is red.
  4. Connect each chakra energetically, as you go. As you do the meditation, see the light from one chakra moving down and joining with the color of the next chakra.
  5. Finish with the 'middle pillar.' The 'middle pillar' is simply visualizing a column of white light flowing from your crown chakra down your spine and to each chakra below. While doing this, you can see every chakra as a ball of white energy. See the white light circulate up around you and entering your crown chakra once again. Alternately, you can visualize the white light penetrating deep into the earth for greater 'grounding.' You can also direct this light energy to those in need of healing.

There you have some basic techniques to get your energy flowing, open your chakras and get rid of negativity. Here are a few alternatives to try: Visualize the white energy as a whirlwind entering your body from your crown chakra and 'washing away' negative or dark areas in your aura. Visualize each chakra as a lotus flower opening up to the rays of the sun. Use musical tones. Hum a particular note on a syllable such as 'ohm.' The notes for the chakras are the same as the notes of the musical scale--CDEFGAB--starting with the root chakra.


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You can even energise your chakras by lying down straight with your feet touching each other. I always do so. And the energy goes from the base towards the crown in my experience. It is sheer bliss.

By jasmin nanda