How To Enjoy your Quiet Time with God

Whether you are religious or simply a spiritual person, chances are you believe in a higher authority, a creator who is deeply involved in your life. A lot of people are probably too busy these days with work and everyday activities, though. You might be busy with work, school, or chores, that you forget to get in touch with your spiritual side.

Enjoying quiet time with God can be a form of meditation that will get you back in touch with your spiritual or religious side. This can involve several things, which will include meditation, going to church services, or simply taking a few minutes off the hustle and bustle of life, in order to keep stock of what you are thankful for.

  • Find a quiet spot. Many of us are busy at school or work, and we might not be able to find a peaceful and quiet spot in our places of work or study. Communing and communicating with God will involve finding a place and a time in which you can spend some quiet time for yourself. This can be at an empty conference room, park bench or even your dorm room. What’s important is that you can go to this place on a consistent basis, so you can include quiet time in your routine. If you have a church or chapel nearby, this will even be better. Some churches have small adoration chapels that will let you pray with privacy.
  • Meditate on God’s word. Religion—especially the Catholic faith—involves two basic things: sacred scripture and sacred tradition. Scripture is basically the Holy Bible, where you can get readings on just about anything in life. Bring along a Bible and try to look for passages that might be relevant to whatever problems you are currently facing in life. Meanwhile, sacred tradition involves events like feasts and celebrations like Christmas, Lent or Easter. You can meditate on the relevance of these in your life today.
  • Maintain a journal. Start writing down your thoughts and prayers when you meditate. You can keep this in a small notebook, which you can bring whenever you go to your quiet spot. You can write down your thoughts after you meditate. Keep a note of the scriptural passages and reading you come about and that you meditate on.
  • Listen. Praying is not just about you talking. It’s communicating with God. Now you won’t necessarily hear a big booming voice in your head telling you what to do. Most of the time, God communicates to us in non-verbal ways. This can be in signs. This can be in people offering us help, or even people asking us for help. Sometimes, God talks to us in situations in which we need to respond or act in a certain way.

Don’t limit yourself to these quiet moments to communicate with God. A lot of religious people make the mistake of only being religious while in church. However, the real “church” is not the structure or building, but rather the community. Therefore, you should try to be a good citizen and a good person at all times. This way, you can consider your whole day as a prayer.


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