How To Find a Catholic Spiritual Director

In today’s confusing world of questions, doubts, worries and fast-paced stress, it may seem difficult to find guidance and direction especially in one’s spiritual life. As a Catholic, living with all the demands of modern living, balancing one’s faith and spirituality might feel like a task that is daunting and too exhausting even to put in one’s schedule yet we recognize that spiritual direction is something we need now, more than ever. But how can you find direction spiritually if you’ve been lost for sometime now? Or if you yourself are unsure where your Catholic spirituality stands now? One way many Catholics deal with this is to have a spiritual director or advisor. A spiritual director is someone who guides you and helps you with your questions, feelings and anything you might feel needs direction in your spiritual life.

  • Who can be a spiritual director? A spiritual director can be a priest, consecrated persons or even a lay person who is faithful and knowledgeable in the Church’s teachings. If you are to choose a lay person, be sure that he or she is sincere and experienced in giving spiritual advice as a Catholic. The important thing about your spiritual director is that he is she helps you in your goal to grow in holiness and live a Catholic lifestyle.
  • What qualities should I look for in a spiritual director? In looking for your spiritual director, the second most important thing to note is that he or she is someone you can trust completely. Remember, you will share intimate information with this person so that he or she can guide you! You must be at ease and completely comfortable with your spiritual director. Another important thing to remember is that your spiritual director should be discreet as you will be sharing your innermost thoughts, worries and questions.
  • Where can I start looking for a spiritual director? The easiest place to start would be your local church. The diocese of your area would be a good place to start looking for a spiritual director as you have a pick of priests and consecrated or learned lay people dedicated to the church already. Another good tip is to ask friends who you know are earnest and striving hard to live a good spiritual life. You can ask them for help in finding a good spiritual advisor or director. If your church also has a local group that does the events or a prayer group, you may opt to join that too as prayer groups are usually led by a spiritual director.
  • Is there a set schedule to follow in meeting my spiritual director? Nope! A spiritual director is a very personal and confidential exchange so you and your spiritual director should work out a schedule that suits you both and achieves your goal of growing in holiness. For some, a few hours a week is enough while for others, a short talk of about 15 minutes a day and praying together is okay. Some opt to join prayer groups.

If you don’t find a spiritual director very quickly, don’t despair! Always remember to keep praying for God to send you the right one and in the meantime, pray with close friends and family and continue confessing to your local priest. In no time, God will surely send you the perfect spiritual director!


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