How To Find a Christian Summer Camp

Want your children to have fun and fulfilling summer activities while nurturing their Christian character?  Find a Christian summer camp!  Here's how:

  1. Talk with people. People you know may have sent their children to a Christian summer camp, so talk with them to get some ideas. You can also ask the children themselves to know about the actual experiences and conditions in that particular camp. Some camps allow for teens and adults to go back to their childhood summer camp to help out. Chat with them as well to get plenty of helpful ideas.
  2. Visit your church. Go to churches and congregations and ask if they have summer camps, or if they have recommendations for summer camps for the youth to attend. You can also request advice on how to prepare your children for the summer camp morally and spiritually.
  3. Ask schools. You can ask school teachers and counselors about Christian summer camps, most especially if you or your children are studying in a Christian school, or if they have subjects about Christianity. They can give some informative advice about summer camps.
  4. Pay attention to advertisements. Find ads about Christian summer camps by watching television, reading the paper, looking in classified ads or listening for them on the radio. In case you do, jot down some notes and important information such as the name of the summer camp, the address and other contact details, activities, requirements, and costs.
  5. Go online. A lot of summer camps can be found via the Internet. Here are a few sites to visit.

  • This site lists only summer camps that are accredited by the American Camping Association. In the advanced search, click on ‘cultural focus' and select ‘Christianity' to find Christian camps you prefer. You can also choose the activity and target focus of the camp, the weekly costs, preferred session length as well as other options to suit you or your child's preferences and budget.
  • Go to the category and click on ‘Religious'. You will then be given a list of summer camps for Christians. You can specify the location and type of the camp. If you have a particular camp or organization in mind, just type its name in the search box to find available summer camps.
  • Choose ‘Christianity' from the Religion option. You can also select the state where your camp is located, the gender of its participants, whether it is a gathering in the day or a sleepaway at night, as well as the price range for admission into a Christian summer camp.
  • You can choose from a variety of special interests in this website. To find camps for Christians, click on the ‘Religious camps' button and select Christianity. You are taken next to a page where you specify details about the camp such as camp type, location, gender, age, and session length. Make use of the zip code radius tool to find a camp near you.

If you used the Internet to find a Christian summer camp, you will have a long list to choose from. Narrow this list by specifying more details about your ideal summer camp.

Now you know how to find the perfect Christian summer camp for you or your children. Have fun!


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