How To Find the Meaning of Life Through Christ

People searched through their long gone years for meaning in their lives. They have tried to fill the void feeling on each experience. Yet the question still hangs on their consciousness: What is the meaning of life? The Bible provided a simple answer. Only through one’s relationship with God can one find his real worth. On the same note, only through Jesus can one meet God.

Jesus, himself stated: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” So how do you find the meaning of your life through Christ? Here are simple steps to follow:

  • Feed your mind and soul. Jesus himself had said that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes out of His Father’s mouth. If you are going to start searching for your life’s meaning, then you must be prepared for it, physically, mentally and of course, spiritually. Buy yourself a copy of the Sacred Scriptures. In purchasing a Bible, you have to consider the variety that is available on market. Just like any book, it comes with different sizes and presentation. But remember, its contents will always be the same in substance no matter what. Whether it has to be on hard-bound or not, with illustrations or none, the decision on which type to buy depends on you as a reader. After purchasing your Bible, find time to read it regularly. You may start on the Old Testament part to give you a historical background before Christ was born. However, accounts on Christ’s actual existence can be found on the books of the Gospels located at the New Testament part of the scriptures. The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John will give you a detailed account on how Christ had lived in this world as well as His teachings. If you wish to find your life’s meaning through Him, you have to find way to feel closer by knowing Him and His works.
  • Reach out for help. Your journey to finding your life’s meaning can be long and uncertain. You may encounter a lot of stumbling blocks that will threaten your faith as well as your eagerness to find the answers. It will be wise for you to admit your weakness as a typical human being and reach out to other people for guidance and encouragement. You may approach fellow Christians, who are willing to create a conversation rooted in the love of the faith. In this type of conversations will you be able to find encouragement that you are not alone in your journey. You may also pick some useful tips and realizations that will help you continue on your own search. You may attend Bible studies together with some Christians who wish to learn and understand the scriptures more deeply. Here you may find some concrete ways on how to practice your understanding in your own day to day existence.
  • Pray. Prayer will mold your spiritual life. It will allow you to have an inner connection with yourself and with Christ. Through praying, you can have a spiritual conversation with Him. Regular prayer routine can enrich your life so much that it can open way for you to finally understand your life’s worth and meaning. Remember, through serious and deep prayer, you can be one with Christ.
  • Change your life gradually and concretely. You can profess your faith by words and by deeds. The challenge lies on professing your faith not only through understanding it, but also through your day to day actions. Humility, piety, and the spirit of sacrifice are just few of the values that you have to add on your character. Your humility will mean accepting that this journey is hard and that you cannot do it alone. You need both Christ’s help as well as your fellow Christians. Piety will keep you from drifting away from the right path. This means that you will be consistent in reading and studying the Bible as well as praying regularly. The spirit of sacrifice comes from your decision that not your will, but Christ’s will be done with your life.

Only through your favorable existence in Christ’s eyes will you able to finally find the true meaning of your life.


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