How To Get a Godparent Certificate


Becoming a godparent is a wonderful honor. Typically, parents will choose a male and a female member of the family or the church to represent their child. Although many parents choose two godparents, only one is absolutely necessary.  In addition, one of the godparents needs to be a practicing member of the church.  This is so that he or she can help guide the child's spiritual journey.

Godparents have great responsibility; some of their duties include praying for the child, setting a good example, and also sharing in the faith with the child.  With all of the special obligations that godparents have, it's important to give them something that reminds them of this wonderful honor.

Godparent certificates are an excellent way to celebrate this honor.  The best part about these gifts is that you can customize them to your liking.  You can choose to make your own godparent certificate or simply purchase one that can be professionally made.

If you are interested in making your own certificate, there are many online sites available.  You can download and print your own certificates right away.  Simply choose the style that you like by clicking on it, and then you will be able to customize it.  You can choose to give each godparent their own certificate, or print off two copies with both of the godparent's names.
Most godparent certificates have similar information on them.  They will post the names of the godparents, the name of the baby, the date the baptism will take place, and at what church.  Once you have customized all of the information, you can print off the certificate.  For an added touch, you can frame the certificate or place it in a manila folder for safe keeping.

If you don't find a certificate that you like online, you can choose to make one using a computer program.  Some programs such as Microsoft Word offer templates for various occasions.  You can choose one that fits your liking and change the wording around to include all of the important information for your godparents.  You can even add decorative borders or pictures.

If you want to venture away from making your own godparent certificate, you could purchase one that has been professionally printed from an online store. You can choose the design you like and then place your order, including all of the information of the special occasion. Although a bit more pricey, these certificates are printed on high-quality paper with envelopes included.  Just remember to order in advance, as it can take several weeks to have your certificates printed.


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