How To Greet an Orthodox Bishop

The Apostolic Church is one the most common churches in the world. These churches have Orthodox Bishops. Orthodox Bishops are like Ministers, only they use the title Bishop. When we greet an Orthodox Bishop, there are certain ways that we should greet them. This article briefly describes what a Bishop is, what their responsibilities are in the Orthodox Church, what the Orthodox Church is, and the proper ways to greet an Orthodox Bishop.

A Bishop has the highest level of responsibility and authority in the church. Bishops have the authority to ordain other Bishops, Deacons, and Priests. A Bishop's main duties are to teach the word of the Lord, according to Jesus. The title Bishop came from the story in the bible about the twelve Apostles. This story can be found in the New Testament, in Luke Ch. 6. The story is about when Jesus chose the twelve Apostles. Further readings can be found in Acts Ch.1. This story stays alive in the Apostolic Churches. An Orthodox Bishop has earned and deserves respect.

The Orthodox Church is also referred to as an Apostolic Church or a Catholic Church. An Apostolic church is a church that believes what Jesus taught and follows His word. The name Apostolic came from the name Jesus Christ and His Apostles. Some other churches, like the Methodist Church, have Bishops, too. There are more Apostolic churches in the world than any other type of religion.

When we greet an Orthodox Bishop, there is a ritual, so to speak, that is repeated by everyone. A Bishop also follows a ritual when we greet him. Greeting someone other than a Bishop is different. When we address a Priest or Deacon in the church, we use the word, "Father." When we greet an Orthodox Bishop, he is to be called, "Your Grace." When we greet a Bishop, we should kneel and hold our hands like we do when we go to Communion, when the Priest places the bread in our hands. When we kneel and greet an Orthodox Bishop, we use the words, "Bless Your Grace" or "Bless Your Eminence." Generally, a Bishop will bless us after or while we greet him.

When we greet an Orthodox Bishop on the telephone, this is done in a different way than the face to face greeting. We should always request a blessing before addressing him. After the Bishop has finished with his blessings, the words, "Bless, Your Grace" are spoken. Then we can continue the conversation. Before we bid our goodbyes, we should request a blessing from the Bishop again. Respectfully, wait for him to do this before we end the call. Learning how to greet an Orthodox Bishop is very important.


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