How To Have a Vibrant Prayer Life

Back in your younger days, you may have spent most nights praying to God for the things you wanted in life. That new model airplane, better grades, perhaps you had even prayed for your parents, siblings and even guardians to remain protected and happy. And when you had a particularly good day, you would again pray at night, thanking God for His blessing. You may have also realized that through the years, your prayers have come true in one way or another—that He works in mysterious ways, and that your requests would often come true so long as you meant well. That with time and a little faith, you can do anything. So now, maybe you are thinking that it doesn’t have to be only your family, or very close friends benefiting from your prayer. The people who desperately need someone to pray for them, those who refuse help, but obviously need it. Perhaps you have been considering a bigger role, and a more vibrant prayer life. Fortunately, with a little imagination, a little effort and a lot of faith, you could do just that. This article provides a step-by-step process, which will give you tips and advice to having a vibrant prayer life, letting your heartfelt requests and prayers echo through the world, instead of only around you. It may seem strange to most, but this is something to experience, not to see.

  • One thing most people of the world do not understand these days, is that when you pray, you speak to God, but you will have difficulty hearing his own message. Because in a prayer, it is you who are talking and not the other way around. If you wish for Him to speak to you instead, then the solution is simple—pick up a bible, and read. This God’s way of reaching out and you can use it to find clues on how you should go about leading this prayer life. You can even open it at any random page, and read any part you would like—who knows, maybe the kind of prayer you truly want is only a flip of the great book away.
  • It is always a good thing to keep records of your prayers, and who you are praying to. It will remind you of your intimate relationship with God, and how he reaches out to you, and gently uses you to aid him in making the world a better place. The bottom line is that having a journal with which to write all the happenings in your prayer life is highly recommended.
  • Aside from the Bible, there is an easier means to search for the people to pray for—the news. Read any newspaper, watch any news segment in the television and you will find that you will probably never run out of people to pray for. This is good for when you have currently finished your more personal prayers for the people whom you are at least acquainted to, and wish to help with your faith in a broader range.
  • Finally, do not forget to always give thanks—at the very least, after every prayer. If you genuinely mean to give thanks, then you will find that your show of great respect and love will not go unrewarded.

A vibrant prayer life is not an easy thing to achieve, but if you followed these steps diligently, then you are well on your way.


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