How To Honor a Pastor

Pastors decided to choose a life of a road less traveled. They have devoted much of their time to helping others become people through guidance, counseling and other social outreaches. Though they are and seem like pillars of strength, they are human too and need to be shown appreciation. Below are some tips that will certainly brighten up any pastor’s day.

  • Send a basket of fruits or a box of chocolate to your pastor. Pastors tend to get too busy with their work that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves. It would be best to deliver your token personally so your pastor remembers you even more. Pastors deal with a lot of people so sending your gift through someone else with just a name may not spark the visual recall of who gave the token. Making time to deliver it personally strengthens your relationship with your pastor too.
  • Show respect to your pastor by greeting him when you see him. Acknowledge your pastor’s presence by saying hello when you enter the church and saying goodbye when you leave. Saying thank you is also important.
  • Write a handwritten letter addressed to you pastor. Make sure you know his full name, as there might be several pastors with the same name. You don’t want a personal letter to land on the wrong hands and cause embarrassment. Allow the letter to speak about why (citing several specific instances) and how much you appreciate your pastor. He will through this letter, see that you took time out from your busy schedule as well. Like the first tip above, it would be best to personally give the letter to him too. This is also to make sure it doesn’t get misplaced or forgotten. Don’t forget to write legibly.
  • Invite your pastor for a meal together with your family. Like the pastor has welcomed you and your family with love and care to his home, you may want to return the gesture. You need not take him out in a very fancy restaurant. Your pastor will appreciate your special home cooked meal as a labor of love where you and your family will get to know your pastor more and vise-versa within this kind of environment.
  • If you have enough to share, you may give financial assistance that will go to a project your pastor has been particularly slaving on. Your donation will surely come a long way in the success of your pastor’s project.
  • If you don’t have enough to donate financially, you may offer your time to help out your pastor in his project or projects. Volunteering is a good way to show support not only for your pastor, but also for your religious community. Your pastor will truly cherish your effort, which is one that cannot be bought.

The month of October is slated for Pastor Appreciation month. So take some time to celebrate by giving cards and printing out posters and streamers so everyone else knows the occasion. Give a simple card with a little note inside expression your appreciation.


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