How To Increase Your Faith in God

Faith is defined as complete trust or confidence in a supreme being. This is not an easy task, especially if you are not a strong believer or a religious devotee. Since we are living in a complicated world, we face a lot of problems, and religion is the one thing people hang on to in times of crisis. An ideal Christian constantly fulfills his religious obligations whether it be going to church every Sunday or attending worship in a Christian center. But for some who can’t seem to accomplish their obligations as a Christian, the best thing to do is to look for ways on how to increase one’s faith in God.

Here are some suggestions on how to increase your faith in God:

  1. Read the Bible. As a Christian, it is very important to get to know God and His miracles. The Bible contains everything from the time God created man until the death of his only son Jesus Christ for the salvation of the world. Some believe that unlike an ordinary Christian book, the Bible is said to contain mysteries that are bound to happen to mankind. But above all else, reading the Bible will increase your knowledge about God and the Church.
  2. Attend Sunday Lectures. Some churches give theology classes for free every Sunday. This is sometimes called the Sunday school. This type of activity is for people who seek to learn more about God while having fun. This is similar to a classroom setting wherein group discussion and sharing are highly encouraged. This enables students to get deeper insights by listening to their classmate’s experiences.
  3. Charity Work. To be able to get a first hand experience on just how blessed you are as a person, you should try participating in charity work. Doing charity work benefits both the helper and the one you are helping. By engaging yourself with this kind of experience, you will then realize that blessings are streaming down on you compared with other people who have less in life. As a good Christian and a soldier of Christ, we should not forget about our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate. They should be our priority, as God once said that to whom much is given, much is expected.
  4. Pray. This might seem simple but it's not. Prayer is more than just talking to God. It is also feeling His presence and trusting Him. You need full concentration to be able to talk to Him sincerely and in a prayerful manner. Prayer is most powerful not when you’re in need but when you’re in doubt. Because once you doubt the Lord and you seek to pray, it is like challenging yourself to believe in something you are having difficulty believing in. Once you’ve done this it only means that you are open to welcome Him in your heart.

There is certainly no manual for increasing one’s faith. All it takes is an open heart to be able to accept God fully in our lives and live by His examples.


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