How To Live a Spirit Filled Life

Ever since the dawn of time, when the world was formed and man begun to inhabit the world and evolve to what you are today, men believed in a higher being, a powerful entity that created the world and universe and governed the balance of life, a God to be exact. In ancient times, men believed the sun or nature to be the god of all things. As knowledge and critical thinking started to become existent, men formed their own religious philosophies, evolving from what they see to other forms. In essence, a supreme higher being is involved. For the Muslims, it is Allah. For the Buddhists, it is Buddha. For the Hindus, it is Brahma or rather the triumvirate. And, for Jewish and Christians, it is God or Jesus Christ. Whatever is the case; these beliefs soon evolved organized religions and a set of rules to live by was set into stone.

Living a spiritual or spirit-filled life is really based on faith, or what you believe in regardless of religion. Here are 3 important elements that you will need to really reflect on in order to truly live a life full of spirit and faith.

  • Believe. Regardless of what sect or religion you belong to, a spirit-filled life will always start with unwavering belief and faith in a higher being, a God. This means that you will have to accept the notion that everything in the universe was created and is being maintained by this God. This is the basic foundation of any faith. Without it, you can never achieve a spiritual life. Of course, make sure that you sincerely believe in a particular God and not just forced to in order to satisfy the norms of society. The belief and the faith should come from deep within you. Once you have this secure, the first step to a spiritual life is complete.
  • Pray. Now that you believe and have faith in a particular God, the next step to a spiritual life is to communicate with your God. This can be done through prayer. In some religions, prayer is a form of meditation. In any case, this is the only real way for you to start a relationship with your God and jumpstart your belief system. Through prayer, you can ask for help, communicate your problems, or simply praise and worship your God for what he has blessed you with. If your prayer is sincere, then your God will definitely communicate back to you through His own way.
  • Live. Most religions and belief systems will have a set of rules to live by. The Jewish has the commandments listed in the Torah. The Christians have the scriptures and beatitudes found in the Bible. The Muslims have their own life guidelines in the Quran. The next step to leading a spiritual life is by adhering to these guidelines. Live your life by it. If your belief and faith tells you to help any fellow man in need without expecting anything return, then do so. If your faith instructs you to feed the hungry and heal the sick, then do so. If your belief tells you to spread the good Word, then preach to every man you encounter. By doing this, you are living by the very the foundation of your faith and will definitely be fuller in spirit than ever before.

Of course, all this needs to be done with true sincerity and with unquestioning loyalty. Furthermore, you will have to read the literature to truly adhere to the principles that the particular faith or religion was founded on.


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