How To Live With Faith in God

Living with faith is the belief of God’s existence and extreme love for Him. This can be tough for others, because they are not able to see why they should believe in God, and may not understand where your faith is coming from. This is where faith comes in; you must be assured that He will be there in times of good and bad.

Here are tips on how to live with faith in God:

  1. Read the Bible. The first thing to do is to read the Bible. The words of God are in the Bible and they can help anyone, even people who do not believe in Him. The Bible has scriptures written by Jesus's apostles and disciples. These scriptures reveal how we should live in our daily activities and relationships with other people. There are a lot of teachings in the Bible that anyone can relate to her own life. They are based on how treat other people with kindness and dignity. Other Christian books can also be a guide in understanding the Bible.
  2. Attend church regularly. A lot of God’s leaders –preachers, ministers and priests - teach the Christian doctrines. The church will help you understand what living in faith is all about and you will gain peace within your life. The scriptures in the Bible and those that we hear in church services can represent things in our life through God's words. A lot of believers go to church to gain faith by welcoming God into their lives. Attending regular church services will help you become a better Christian.
  3. Talk to other believers. You can live in an environment where there are people who believe and trust God. This will help you find a way to embrace your faith. Having trust in Him means that you know he is helping to give you a better life and is guiding you in finding your purpose in life. Talking to other people such as family, neighbors, or coworkers who already have a strong faith in God can help you  increase your own faith. If you talk to these people, they can share stories about God, and they can tell you what they learn from church services, or talk about events in their lives that somehow gave them more trust in God.
  4. Pray to God. Praying to God is a good tool to find and regain faith in Him. These prayers help you as an individual to be enlightened and provide strength in times of trouble. Talk to God regularly. This can help you in the search of God and in this way, you will experience Him in your life and feel His love.

Some priests and preachers believe that you will have salvation if you live a life of faith in God. You will also get to know more about God when you study theology. Children can also learn more about God from Sunday school.


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