How To Make a Catholic Rosary

Praying with a rosary

One of the most recognizable symbols of the Catholic faith is the rosary. You can buy rosaries in many different colors or materials. However, for a truly special rosary for a gift or for yourself, you should consider making your own. Making a Catholic rosary is not difficult at all.

First, you will need supplies. A typical rosary requires about 8 feet of cord or wire, 60 beads, a crucifix, and a center piece. You may want to use larger beads to represent the Our Father parts of the rosary prayer and smaller beads for the Hail Mary’s. Your budget will determine exactly what type of Catholic rosary you will make. You can make a basic rosary by stringing beads onto cord or string, with knots to space the beads. This will be your cheapest option for making Catholic rosaries. You can also make a rosary that looks more like a jewelry piece by using wire and chain. This wire and chain can be plain base metal, such as aluminum, or real silver. When making a wire and chain rosary, you will also need jewelry pliers.

Next you will need the rosary beads you plan to use. For a more inexpensive rosary or one for children to make, you can use any type of plastic bead. Wooden or metal beads and semi-precious stones also work well. The centerpiece and crucifix for your rosary should be made from the same material as your rosary beads.

Now you're ready to construct your rosary. For a cord or string version, this is really quite simple. Begin by threading the string through the crucifix and securing it. Next, attach the crucifix to the bottom centerpiece hole in the following pattern: knot, 3 Hail Mary beads, knot, 1 Our Father bead, and knot. Construct the main part of the rosary by going out from one centerpiece top hole to the other in this pattern: knot, 10 Hail Mary beads, knot, 1 Our Father bead. You should end up with an even number of this pattern, called a decade, at the second centerpiece top hole. Secure the cord to the centerpiece and you are done.

Wire and chain rosaries are more complex, but instructions are readily available online. Also check with your local parish to see if they offer workshops or other resources for rosary making. Making your own rosary will leave you with a beautiful and functional symbol of your faith you can enjoy for years.


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