How To Make a Coat of Many Colors Bible Craft

Lessons from Bible stories can be conveyed in many different ways. A creative outlet that kids can pursue in being participative is making crafts that are coming from a special character. That character in turn becomes alive on its own through the use of their imagination. One famous person in the Bible we can tackle is Joseph, the son of Jacob who wore his beautiful coat. Joseph being the youngest was special to the father since he was born when his mother was already of age. This multi-colored garment was a gift to Joseph by his father, which made quite an impression to his other brothers who were quite envious of this. However unfortunate the circumstances became to Joseph, he soon found his place even if his brothers sold him. The main idea of using a child’s imagination can help them remember both the story and lessons.

  • Craft materials. Be prepared with the following: hot glue gun or white glue, a pair of scissors, a stick ruler, pencil, various colors of felt paper, patches of cloth from old, used clothes, gold colored paper, black rope or twine, white card stock, and a black marker. A white card stock is thicker than ordinary paper but thinner and more pliable than regular cardboard. This comes in different textures and colors.
  • Coat pattern. Search over the net for a pattern of a coat. Print out or take in measurements and trace on a white card stock. Cut out and piece together with hot glue gun or white glue. Hot glue gun is better since it dries out faster and attaches more quickly.
  • Coat colors. With various colors of felt paper, place on top  of each other and trace 1 to 1 ½ inch pieces with lengths around 8” or longer depending on the coat size and wearer. The stripes should take on vertically and can be done in a straight or wavy shape. You can use as well pieces of clothing from old or used clothes to have a patchy and attractive look. Make sure that you do not leave any spaces in between. A suggestion would be to use a black marker to fill on those gaps by drawing in between the striped design. Textures or patterns apply to one’s taste and creativity. Once these are cut to the desired length, you may now start hot gluing each piece. Children can help out by using white glue. Watch out though. Hot gluing is tricky at the start, so apply with ease and be aware of your trigger finger. Hot glue can cause minor burns as well so having a stable or flat working space is ideal.
  • If handling hot glue, remember to apply an adequate amount. Too little or too much glue can make the coat’s stripes look unusual or deformed. Hot glue dries out easily so overdoing it can result to a lumpy look. Same goes with white glue. Pea-sized drops or a straight line applied can make the job neater.
  • Finishing touches. For defining the design or color, use a black marker to separate into borders for each stripe of color. If you want to add a special look, you may glue gold colored paper on the hems and edges of the robe. Tie in the look with a black rope or twine and thread it in properly placed punched holes and you’re done!

Now how about a technicolored coat that can rock out? This will surely be an enjoyable project for kids and adults alike. Ideal for teaching and crafts, Joseph was a special character. He was also known as the dreamer. For how many colors the robe took on, that was how daring he was even in his unlikely state of being thrown out by his brothers. The coat got him into trouble because this was a gift that showed his father favored him among everyone else. Envious as they were, he was disposed by his brothers and sold as a slave. After a series of events, his dream went on and eventually came true. His vision that he would become a ruler and help his family came true. Surely Joseph had a blast with this coat. Ending this project and story we can teach all ourselves a lesson. So why not give this a go?


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