How To Make a Kippah

A kippah or yarmulke is head gear that is worn by Jewish men and boys to “respect and honor God”. It is a skullcap covering the upper back part of the head. Worn properly, it can be seen by other people on all sides. The Torah requires it to be worn at all times. Though modern Jewish men deviated from wearing it all the time, it is still required when going to religious events like at a cemetery or a wedding. Nowadays, you can buy a kippah at a lot of places, even online. You may want though to make a kippah for your loved one, this ensures to bring a unique flair to an age old tradition.

  • Select your cloth. The traditional color of a kippah is black, but this should not limit you in selecting different ones. You can even choose a color of your favorite sports team or anything that you fancy. The non-traditional colors though are sometimes frowned upon by more conservative Jews due to its reflection of a worldly society. Velvet type cloths is a good type of your chosen material, again you are not limited by this and can use virtually any type of cloth.
  • Cut a circular shape. Using a compass or any tool you may have measure and mark a circular shape on your chosen cloth. A good size is around 9 in. in diameter. You can use a larger or smaller circle depending on the size of the head of the person to wear it. Use a pair of scissors to cut the cloth into a circular pattern.
  • Radius. Cut a straight line from the edge of the cloth to the center. This is the radius of the circular cloth. Pull the cloth together so that it forms a cone. Around an inch of overlap should do the trick. You may also cut another line to the center, 2 in apart from the other cut. It will look like a pie that’s missing a slice. Place a hair clip to hold it in place. Use more clips if needed.
  • Sew. Stitch the cut together. Do this by starting from the edge to the center. Stitch at the middle of the overlap. You can easily do this by running it on your sewing machine. You can also do it by hand. If you are not comfortable using a needle and thread, you can also use adhesive instead of sewing.
  • Fix the edge. You can do this by folding rim around 5 mm and sewing it all around. This can be easily done with a sewing machine but is not difficult by hand as well. You can run a bias tape on the rim as well. You can use the same color bias tape for a solid color look, or a different color to create a different style.

If you know how to knit or crochet, you can also make a kippah by starting from the center and doing a circular pattern until you reach the desired size. Use a flat clip when wearing the kippah.


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