How To Make a Prayer Kneeler

Photo of prayer kneelers

Many people are interested in making that piece of furniture which is called a prayer kneeler.  But what exactly is a prayer kneeler and how do you make it? Well, simply put, a prayer kneeler is small wooden stand that one kneels upon while praying.  It typically has a place for the arms to rest and a padded cushion for the knees to be comfortable when kneeling.  It also has a small slant on the top where the arms are placed andA small edge on the top so it can hold a book, such as a bible.

When it comes to making a prayer kneeler, you will want to choose the right kind of wood.  There are tons of different kinds of wood that you can use.  The most common types of wood used for prayer kneelers are oak and cherry  Once you've selected your wood, you will need to have some kind of saw to make the correct cuts. 

Once you have the wood that you are going to be using for the prayer kneeler, take the time to look over the wood and know which side you are going to be using for the outside and the inside of the design. Make sure that you use the best-looking side for the outside of the project.  You may also find it quite easy to build if you have some kind of template to use.

You will need to make sure that you mark where the joints are going to be, so everything just slides into place.  You will want to make sure to measure a couple of times before doing any cutting. If you don't have a saw, you may be able to go to your local wood store and purchase the cuts either pre-made or special made.

After you take the time to get all of the joints cut, you will need to make sure the lap joints are going to fit, from the top to the bottom of the prayer kneeler.  The best way to ensure this is with dado joints. After all the work with the dado joints are done, you are going to start the work on the kneeler itself. You will be gluing and clamping the kneeler into place.

You will want to make sure that you let the it dry overnight and then finish the rest of the work.  After this has been done, attach the bookshelves by sliding them into their slots.  You may need to use something like a rubber mallet to tap them into place. When you are done with putting the prayer kneeler together, it's a good idea to use an oil or a finish to make the prayer kneeler look its best.


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