How To Make a Welcoming Brochure for a Church

For first-timers to any particular church, the experience can be a bit overwhelming. There could be a lot of questions going on in their heads about how the church services are carried out and what the new church expects from them. A welcoming brochure helps in setting a newcomer’s mind at ease. When creating it, there are a few points to consider that will make it effective in the purpose it is set out to accomplish. It should give information on the main objective of the church, the benefits the guests can expect, what makes it different from all the other ministries in the community, and the positive feedback coming from other members who are quite new in the particular church community. Microsoft Word makes it simple to make any type of brochure. The following tips can help you get started.

  • Determine your brochure layout. For brochures, there are 2 types of folds that are frequently chosen from. One is the Z type that looks like an accordion, and the other, the barrel fold that is somewhat like the method you use when folding up a letter before placing it inside your envelope.
  • Setting up your page. The next step will involve setting up your welcoming brochure’s borders. Try to avoid making your borders to small as certain printers do have certain limitations when it comes to their printable areas. Go to File/Page setup and select the Landscape. Proceed to the tab for Margins to set them.
  • Working on your columns. You can now begin to work on your columns. Start to type the number on the Spacing area located at the Columns dialog box doubling it from the number of the margins. Select the Format/Columns, clicking on the particular icon representing 3 columns that you will find below Presets. You can now adjust the amount of the default spacing doubling it again from the number on your margins and select OK. Go to your Tools/Options and select View. Place a check by your Text Boundaries along with the Paragraph Marks. Click on OK. Insert your column breaks to begin your next page. Select Enter to place in a blank line and proceed to select Insert/ Break. Go to Column break, click on it and select OK. This will place your cursor above the second column of the brochure. Go through the same procedure for your cursor to move over to your third column. Place in a page break to start on your second side. Proceed to select Insert Break followed by Page Break. Place in column breaks so that a fresh page is set up again.
  • Adding your text and images. As soon as your layout is done, start to place in your text. You may go to Normal View should you have a lot of texts to add in. Select the format for your text either while you are typing it or after you are done. Do not overuse fonts. Keep it simple and clear. To place in your image from a file, select Insert Picture From File. Locate your image and select Insert. You image can then be viewed on your screen. Right-click on it to be able to adjust its size and use other options.

You can now print out your welcoming brochure, complete with all the information the new church-goers will need to know about. With it, they will be able to feel a lot more comfortable in attending the church ceremonies, while having a clearer understanding of what it is all about.


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