How To Make an Ark of the Covenant Replica for Sunday School

If you’re attending Sunday school, more often than not, you will be asked to make projects about the things that are being thought to you. You can make a replica of the famous Ark of the Covenant for your Sunday school project. If you’re a teacher, you can show your students how an Ark of the Covenant replica is made. According to the Bible, inside the Ark of the Covenant were manna, the rod  of Aaron that has miraculously budded and the Ten Commandments. Manna is a gold jar from heaven that contains bread.

To make a replica of the Ark of the Covenant for your Sunday school, follow the steps below:

  • Spread some newspapers on the floor or table where you will be working. This is to prevent the paint from staining the floor or table. Get your cardboard shoebox and remove the lid. Place the cardboard box and the lid on top of the newspaper that you spread and make sure that these are turned upside down.
  • Spray the visible areas of the cardboard shoe box and the lid using paint with gold color. Let these dry before flipping on the other side and spraying the remaining areas with the gold color spray.
  • Get a hole punch and punch 2 holes on 1 long side of its lid that should be about 2  inches away from the corner of the box.
  • Punch two holes on the shoebox about  1 ½ inch below the two holes on the lid. Get 2 pieces of  8-inch gold yarn and loop from the lid’s hole to the shoebox’s hole just below it. Continue looping several times then tie the yarn.
  • Get a Styrofoam ball. Push a skewer through its center. Carefully push the other end of the skewer through the lid about 2 ½ inches away from its edge. Drape a white cloth or handkerchief around the base of the Styrofoam ball and skewer that will serve as the clothes of the angel. Tie it under the Styrofoam base using a yarn. You now have an angel. Make another angel using the skewer and Styrofoam ball and insert on the other side 2 ½ inches away from the other side’s edge.
  • Attach feathers at the back of one angel and bend it towards the other angel. These will serve as the angel’s wings. Repeat the steps on the other angel and spray with paint.
  • Draw a U shape on a gray foam board and connect the two ends to close. Cut the shape and write numbers 1 to 5, writing wavy lines next to each number. Create another U shape and cut, writing wavy lines next to numbers 6 to 10. These will serve as your 10 Commandments.
  • The next step is to make Aaron’s budded rod. Get a branch that is about ¼ or ½ inch thick. Choose a bud that has small buds and cut it making it about 8 inches long.
  • Get an apothecary jar and spray it with gold. Once dry, put some white bread cut in small pieces inside the jar.

You now have an Ark of the Covenant replica that you can share on your Sunday school!


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