How To Make Authentic Rosary Beads

The rosary is derived from the Latin word meaning a garland of roses. These flowers represent the Virgin Mother of Christ. It is considered to be an emblematic object of the Catholic religion and is not only popular for Catholics but Protestants as well who now affirm that this string of beads is in fact a biblical method of prayer. This is due to the fact that the prayers involved when using the rosary do come from the bible. Praying the rosary is a dedication to the Virgin Mary and is made up of a fixed number of particular prayers. These include the Apostles Creed, the Lord ’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Glory be. The rosary concludes with the Hail Holy Queen. These prayers are repeated throughout while working around the beads, each set of 10 representing a particular mystery devoted to the life of Mary and Christ. There are several types of materials one can use in creating a rosary. It is said that originally, rose petals were used to make rosary beads. Not only were they beautiful but they carried the sweetest scent too. To make your rosary beads, here are the instructions to do it.

  • Prepare your supplies. For your rosary beads, you will need  about 4 cups of fresh petals of roses, half a cup of water, essential oil, some stick pins, a corkboard, Styrofoam, a piece of thick crafting foam, and a blender. Take note of the fact that as rose petals dry up, their colors deepen. Your essential oil or rose oil will keep your rosary smelling sweet for a long time and can be refreshed as soon as they start to lose their scent.
  • Making your rosary beads. Get your blender and place in your rose petals, water, and a few drops of your essential oil. Begin to blend all of these ingredients together until the consistency thickens. You may add more petals and water into the mixture if necessary and until you achieve the texture you are looking for, somewhat like thickened paste that can be easily moved around between your fingers. Once you have finally achieved the perfect consistency, roll them around, one at a time in a larger size than what you would want them to be. This is because they will shrink when they are completely dry although they will still retain the shape you formed. Once you have finished working on every piece, get your pins and start sticking them right through the middle of your petal beads. Set them onto your Styrofoam to allow them to dry up completely. This will require a bit of patience on your part as it may awhile before they are fully dried and can be worked on. If you wish to insert this beads into a thicker piece of beading thread, use a bigger sized pin or needle to create your hole. Once you are sure that your petal beads are completely dried, you can now proceed to string them according to how a rosary is formed.

You may try to incorporate other types of beads to your rose petal rosary if you wish. Attach a nice cross that you can purchase in catholic stores or other crafting establishments. Use a bit of your rose oil on a soft piece of cloth and rub gently on your beads to give it a nice shine and to refresh your rosary’s scent.


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