How To Make Holy Water

Using holy water

Holy water is an important element in the Catholic faith, as it symbolizes cleansing and the washing away of sins.  It is also used in many rituals and blessings, as the Catholics rely on its strong powers of healing and luck.  It is mostly common during baptismal rites and death rites where both the newborn and the dead are blessed with holy water. Although largely associated with the Catholic faith, holy water is also used in other non-Catholic sacramental occurrences.

Holy water, which is believed to be for protection against evil, is not some magical potion, in spite of the fact that it is tied with a strong belief system. Its main ingredient is actually salt. Holy water is sold at religious stores and other specialty stores. It is also sold at hospital chapels. Some Catholic or Anglican churches also sell this.

You can make your very own holy water by following the simple instructions below. For this, you will need sea salt or kosher salt, spring water, rose water, glass container, white cloth and container bottle.

  1. If you are non-Catholic and believe in some other faith, it is actually more advisable to do this during the full moon phase, as it should be more effective. The best time to do it would also be around midnight, under the full view of the moon.
  2. Sterilize your glass container first by using very hot water. Let the hot water sit in there for a while before washing this with soap and more water.
  3. Take out your white cloth and wipe the glass container. Use the same white cloth to lay down your other ingredients neatly afterwards.
  4. Do not start the process of mixing the ingredients under duress. You should actually be very relaxed before doing this. Do some breathing exercises to take away your agitation. Do a little yoga and stretching, if you must.
  5. Pour the spring water into the bowl. Spring water is actually very hard to obtain and some would have to trek or go on a hiking trip just to get it. There are commercially available "spring" water though, but make sure that this is an actual spring water.
  6. Add in the rose water. Mix it well together. Hold the bowl up towards the moon and say a short prayer or chant of consecration.
  7. Set this down and add the salt and slowly swirl and dissolve it, while continuing with your prayer.
  8. When you see the salt melting, stop the stirring and set everything down. Hold your hands palm down onto the mixture and say a prayer of blessing.  Do make it a point to note that the chants, prayer or blessing must be very personal, specific and whole-heartedly given, to have some effect and meaning.
  9. Store this in your container.  You can probably put this on dispensers, especially if you would like this holy water accessible to a large group of people.


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