How To Meditate for Beginners

Yoga meditation

You have decided it was right about the time to improve your life and start learning meditation. You have probably heard about the numerous benefits of meditation and, indeed, meditation can open up new and exciting worlds to you. But what is more important, it can enable exploring the depths and richness of Divine love and help you form a new focus of your personality. 

Here are some tips for beginners in meditation.  

  1. Set your meditation goals high, as high as you can imagine them. Use meditation as a tool for attaining inspiration, precious insights, enlightenment and other benefits that come along with it. Do not seek for powers of any kind, controlling or manipulating other people, because then your goals are set quite low and your efforts will ultimately end up in vain.
  2. Meditation can help you to better connect yourself to the world. This might be in contrast to what some people think, but performing meditation does not mean that you should alienate yourself from the world. Meditation will help you to get to know yourself better. Then, you will be able to better connect yourself with your family, friends and colleagues. You will understand better what your place in the world is, as well as your interactions with others.
  3. Find a quiet pleasant place where nobody will disturb you. This is especially important for beginners in meditation, where a peaceful and quiet atmosphere can be a decisive factor for a successful meditation. In the latter stages of meditation, you might find yourself capable of meditating everywhere, no matter how noisy the surroundings are.
  4. Prior to practicing your meditation, you should start with relaxation. Firstly, perform relaxation of your physical body, followed by pranayama - rhythmical breathing exercise, and pratyahara - withdrawal of the senses from the outside world. By performing rhythmical breathing - inhaling, holding the breath, and exhaling - you will accumulate pranic energy, and revitalize your life force and spiritual strength. During the pratyahara, you should be a neutral observer of your thoughts. Do not interfere with your thoughts; just be aware of them, and let them flow in front of your mental screen.
  5. You should meditate every single day, if necessary two times a day. Habits are diligently acquired and easily lost. If some days you find yourself distressed, a simple exercise can help you. Light a candle and put it some 30 cm away, at the level of your eyes. Simply by gazing at the blue part of the candle's flame for some short time, you can perform an effective relaxation. Do not be discouraged if life circumstances interfere with your meditation and you find yourself unable to carry on with it for some time. Just, get back to your meditation as soon as possible.
  6. Don't forget to consult your spiritual teacher. Your spiritual teacher can help you overcome many obstacles. But remember, there is a teacher within your heart that you should consult constantly. Have faith in yourself. Your positive attitude, calmness, and serenity will always help you. Consciously develop love toward your meditation. According to your efforts, persistence and fortitude, your meditation will get better every day. Every single individual is able to succeed. There are only different kinds of obstacles with different people.
  7. Remember that even the shallowest experience of your meditativeness is more valuable than the deepest intellectual insight. A bit of practice is worth a sea of theory. Be simple and open, and let the truth always come first. Take part in your process of individualization and striving for personal growth, and the result will come as a positive surprise to you.


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This is a good article for beginners.

By Tim Miller

I always wanted to meditate but never got the chance to know how. This article has paved the way for me to make sure that I will do it right for the first time. Great info you got here.

By Jean Sipalay

Dear Rezo,
Neatly written. Definitely useful for a beginner.

By Anonymous