How To Plan Activities for a Women’s Ministry

The role of women has always been a vital part in every organization. They make a significant difference with their commitment. They devote their time, talents and finances to promote the aspirations that their group is observing. There are a lot of women looking forward to a Christian life guided by the Bible teachings. Concerned women usually create an organization focusing on development and sound preservation of the Christian values they intend to keep and share with their members.

These women's ministries are dedicated in embracing, reaching out and helping all women in the church. They also aim to help the women of the local community if possible. Interesting meetings and events will surely be the best way to keep women active in church activities.

Here are some of the activities that you can conduct to keep the members of the women’s ministry active:

  1. Issues. Let the women discuss the issues and situations that affect their everyday living. The group may decide to develop some activities that pertain to Christian Education. Organize a day wherein you could share a theological seminary video with your fellow members. These will strengthen their faith and understanding toward the issues in their lives.
  2. Funding. Every group may experience some financial instability at times. This is the time for the women’s ministry to seek the advice of finance officers. Discuss all the details within the group. Elect someone who is willing to take charge and budget the group’s financial resources. Talk about the organization’s needs and plan some fund-raising activities like making and selling arts and crafts, talent contests, raffle promos and the like.
  3. Special Events. Create special events for kids. This is another way for ladies to develop stronger bonds and reach out to the younger ones in the church. Let kids encourage their friends. This way, the women’s ministry may also have a way to reach the local community. These events can include games and other fun activities. Have someone from the Bible college read special Christian books. Do not forget to prepare snacks for everyone.
  4. Couples Activities. During these activities, one can prepare complimentary activities for the couples in church. The organization could host a couple’s event. They can watch a movie. Place popcorn stands for the moms and dads who are attending the event. Think of ways the couple can enjoy themselves and relax without worrying about their kids. The members of the women’s ministry will get to spend quality time together, while the kids will be pleased by the fun activities you have prepared.

You can also check out some websites regarding what activities you can do with the group. Organizing activities for the women’s ministry can be fun. You have to keep everyone in mind and plan events the majority of the people will enjoy. With a little imagination and help from your community, you can create an enjoyable but worthwhile experience for the members of the women's ministry.


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