How To Start Your Own Bible Study Group

Bible study group

Belonging to a Christian denomination and going to church regularly is a good way to stay focused on your faith. Aside from this, you can be part of a Bible study group so you can have a deeper understanding of your faith, at the same time, sharing your insights with other people. It is also the best way to start, develop and maintain healthy relationships with the people in your church.

If a Bible study group does not currently exist in your church or area, then you can start one. It may start as a group of interested adults within the same age range. You can ask the help of the pastor in developing an outline for your Bible study group. You can read the Bible study materials developed by Beth Moore, a member of the Baptist church and the founder of the Living Proof Ministries, which is an organization for women.

You can find tools online to facilitate your Bible study. You can find an outline of which portion of the Bible to read for each day, whether you should start with the Old Testament or read related passages from both Old and New Testaments, like what is done in Catholic masses. Once you have found a group of interested people and you have an outline to guide you, you can plan your Bible study sessions. Determine a convenient time and place to meet.

During the Bible study, start with a spontaneous prayer, and it will be good if each person gets a chance to lead the prayer for each meeting. You can also opt for a hymn instead of a spoken prayer. You can also read an inspiring selection of poetry before starting the Bible study. Then read the verse for the day, and meditate for a moment, understanding the verse and reflecting on how it applies to you. After a few minutes of reflection, you can have each person share his insights on the verse - what it means to him, what the verse's impact is on him, and if he has experiences to share that relate to the relevance of the verse.

It is good to have snacks during the Bible study session, and to make it as casual as possible, so the people will be more relaxed and do not get too nervous in sharing their thoughts.

When your group is starting to get used to the Bible study sessions, you can expand your sessions to having formal Bible seminars to provide you with lessons that are more in-depth, and these may be given by an expert on the Bible. If only a few members of the group are interested in doing further study, it is okay. Those who are able to gain more information can share it with the others at the next Bible study session. You can also facilitate a youth group in your church.

Aside from getting to know the Bible, it is also best to get to know each other as friends, so you can take some time off Bible study and go out for a movie or a night out.

And always remember to end each session with a prayer.


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