How To Stop Worrying

Sometimes life can feel like a top spinning out of control.  Worrying is not only counterproductive, but also can create illness and dis-ease in the body/mind system. 

A 'life' teacher helped me understand worry.  One of my associates owed another money.  I recall saying to the first, "I'm worried you are not going to get paid."

The 'teacher' looked at me and replied, "That's great!  Now I don't have to think about it."

This was a lightbulb moment.

Why was I giving so much energy to something that did not have anything to do with me?

You most likely have similar situations that come up in your life.  Below you will find a few tips to help you end the worry game.

Step 1

Use a cognitive response.  Every time you find your mind circling in worry, give yourself a cognitive key to release it.  One example could be the use of a stop sign.  Every time you begin to worry, visualize a stop sign in your mind; this is your key to stop this type of thinking.

Step 2

Replace the thought.  Stay conscious of the behavior.  Be aware of thoughts of worry.  Each time they come up, replace them with a positive.  Rather than focusing on negative thoughts, create a positive instead. 

Remember you get to choose what you think about!  You are in control. 

When you find yourself worrying, simply shift your thinking.

For example, "I'm so worried about my son's grades."

Replace it with, "I'm so happy and grateful my son is learning what he needs to."

Even if you feel like you are lying to yourself, it's OK.  Remember once worry has become a large part of your life, it will take time and work to change it.

Step 3

Understand you're making things worse.  It is scientifically proven that like attracts like.  Realize when you focus on your worries, not only are you creating more worry, but most likely will attract more of the same.

The worry will simply create more worry.

The situation will not change because you are giving it more energy.  Remember the story I mentioned at the beginning of this article?

Step 4

Give yourself a physical reminder.  You can recondition the body and mind to end worry by gently flicking your hand or pinching the skin.  Obviously we don't want to hurt ourselves, but before long, you will end the worry cycle using this gentle reminder.  One of my clients used this technique with great results; no longer does worry control her life.

The most challenging part about life is it can have its challenges.  We worry because we care.  Caring is fantastic!  So long as the caring doesn't change to worry and control your experience.  For the most part, things are going to work out exactly as they are meant to.  Discover how long you can stay conscious of your behaviour.  Begin to make changes today and allow a better future for yourself.  You can find peace, happiness and harmony in life; although it sometimes takes work.


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