How To Find a NASCAR Ticket

NASCAR has become one of the United States' fastest growing sports.  From the first call for drivers to start their engines, to the checkered flag, fans pull for their favorite drivers to win the race.  Each pass and pit stop lends to the excitement of a day on the racetrack.  Nothing quite compares to seeing a race live as the engines roar past the stands.  Here are a few tips on finding tickets to NASCAR races.  

  1. Contact the racetrack ticket office. Most of the time, this is the best way to find available tickets without having to pay more than the tickets are actually worth.  However, you may find that a particular race has already been sold out and there are no more available tickets.  Don't give up yet!  This may not be an open and shut case.  Try the next tip before you lose hope. 
  2. Find a ticket broker. If the racetrack ticket office says they are sold out of tickets for the race, most likely what that means is that several ticket brokers have bought large quantities of the tickets to sell at higher prices to make a profit for themselves.  This is a common practice for all ticketed events including sporting events, shows, and music events.  While the price may be inflated, it may be worth the extra money if it fits into your budget.  Typing "NASCAR tickets" into your favorite search engine will immediately bring up several sites that have available NASCAR tickets. 
  3. Consider buying a NASCAR race package. Sometimes hotels and other entities offer race packages that include hotel stay, sometimes transportation to and from the track, meet and greet passes with the drivers, and other various perks.  Again, this option is significantly higher priced than just a ticket for the race, but you will get more than just a seat in the stands.  This may also be the best option if you are traveling away from home to a NASCAR race.  Hotel rooms near racetracks sell out quickly when race weekends are announced, so with a package, you will be guaranteed a place to stay.  Race packages are sometimes offered on racetrack websites or are easy to find with a quick search. 
  4. Online auction sites have tickets. Checking out Ebay or similar auction sites may be a good way to go as well.  Many times the prices will be incredibly higher than face value, but sometimes you will come across someone who is legitimately unable to attend and just wants to get the money that they spent for the ticket back.  This is often the case on sites like Craigslist, where individuals can post ads for free.  Search for tickets in the city that the NSACAR race is being held.  Be aware that ticket brokers also use these types of sites, so do some research on prices before you bid.
  5. Try to win a contest. This one is definitely a long shot, but who can pass up the opportunity to win free tickets or race packages?  Check out car sponsor sites to see if they are giving out tickets for contest winners. also often has various contests for fans to win tickets.  Good luck!  

Again, it is highly recommended that you do some research on face value prices for tickets, as well as the layout of the racetrack to figure out which seats will work best for you and your budget.  Shop around to make sure you aren't getting taken.  Whichever way you decide to purchase your NASCAR tickets, be sure to have a great time.


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