Shooting a Basketball: Skills, Tips and Drills

Use These Steps to Play Better Basketball and Increase Your Points

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Scoring is the ultimate objective in basketball. Good shooters spend endless hours on the court perfecting their skills in order to play better. Players of all ages need to learn the right steps and form when shooting a basketball. 

If your goals are on the low end, you are probably trying to find a way to become the highest scoring player. Shooting a basketball requires excellent form and technique. It is possible that with the right drills and practice, you will find your opponents wishing you were on their team!

I like to use the pneumonic device BEEF to remember the proper shooting technique. It helps me maintain focus and concentration so I can ultimately increase my number of goals.

  • - Achieve balance by spreading your legs about shoulder-width and keeping your knees slightly bent. This is known as the triple-threat-position, so named because you have the option to dribble, pass, or shoot.
  • - Your elbow should be positioned directly under the ball. The ball should be on your fingertips (not in the palm of your hand.
  • - Your eyes should be focused at the front of the rim.
  • - Always follow through. Keep your off-hand on the side of the ball (this hand is only for guidance). The fingertips of your shooting hand should be spread out, yet relaxed. You can improve your chances of scoring by adding a backspin. This is done by flicking your wrists to add a backward twirl to the ball.
Steps on how to shoot a basketball:

  1. Hold the ball with your dominant hand toward the hoop and place your off-hand on the side of the ball for guidance.
  2. Try to score without hitting the rim or backboard by aiming just beyond the front of the rim.
  3. When taking an angled shot, aim inside the boxed area of the backboard and bounce the ball off the glass, into the to shoot a basketball
  4. Determine the amount of arm strength and elevation you need to make the shot. This is basically trial and error, so practicing is important.
  5. When shooting, your strength comes from your legs. Bend your knees and use the strong muscles in your legs to push off your toes. Be sure to incorporate some weightlifting into your workout routine to improve the strength in your leg muscles.
  6. One of the best basketball tips is to watch for the opportunity of an offensive rebound. Always follow your shot by running toward the basket afterward in case you miss.

When working to fine tune your skills, try the following exercises to give yourself more choices for practice on your own:

  • Mark several spots on a court and practice from those.
  • Practice off the dribble as well as from a dead ball.
  • Experiment with different angles and drills, using the backboard when necessary.
  • Try to replicate game situations with other people or by using cones.

As with most sports, practice makes perfect, and basketball training is no different. It involves time and perseverance. If you continue using the information in this article, you will not only have improved your style, you will have mastered shooting. Then, when it's game time, all eyes will be on you.


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