How To Be Safe on a Jet Ski

Riding jet skis can be a fun family activity on the hottest days of summer. If you are a seasoned jet ski operator, you probably already know all the of safety dos and don'ts. If you are new to the sport, then perhaps you need a few pointers. Here are some tips on how to be safe on a jet ski this summer.

First, realize that jet skis can be very dangerous, if you are a novice. The best way to stay safe on your new toy is to keep your distance from any other watercraft in your vicinity. Don't assume that the other drivers are being vigilant. After all, jet skis have no rudder, which will make it impossible to turn or stop when the throttle isn't on. This can be tricky for first time drivers to master. It is up to you to ride your jet ski defensively. Also, pay attention to the state of the water. If it is becoming too choppy due to an impending storm, get on solid ground quickly. Keep an eye on your gauges, just as you would in your car. You wouldn't keep driving you car if the oil light came on, would you?

The next step to take to be safe on a jet ski is also the simplest to remember: wear your life jacket. You can also wear a full body wet suit for added protection, but it is not necessary. Don't let your children step onto the jet ski without a life jacket on either. Take this opportunity to teach them an invaluable lesson about water safety. It is also a good idea to purchase a whistle to wear around your neck or wrist. This will come in handy if you fall into the water, and need to draw attention to yourself.

Never speed, and always remember that the safest driver on the water is a responsible driver. Don't compromise your life, or the lives of the people around you, by driving your jet ski under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is illegal, and also one of the leading causes of jet ski and boating accidents every year. If you want to avoid a lawsuit, and years of regret, enjoy your new jet ski sober. You will be teaching your child a valuable lesson about personal responsibility.

Have fun this summer, and use these tips to be safe on a jet ski. One last tip before you hit the lake: don't forget the sunscreen!


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