Boating 101: Learn How To Sail a Yacht

sail boat on a calm sea against clear blue sky

There are over 1300 yacht clubs in the United States, and almost all of them report increasing membership every year! Yachts provide a sense of freedom on the open sea, with the feeling of wind and saltwater. No wonder more and more people are getting interested in them.

The prospect of learning how to sail a yacht can be daunting. But the advantages of yacht sailing are well worth the learning process. It's easy to rent a yacht and take a few classes without breaking the bank! 

It's even easier to learn how to sail a yacht if you've already picked up a few techniques before you go. In this article, we'll be discussing some sailing basics so you don't have to feel intimidated by the sea anymore! 

How to Sail a Yacht 

A private yacht rental can be a powerboat or a sailboat. Powerboats are much easier to drive. Similar to driving a car, you just turn on the engine and steer. 

No matter what type of yacht you pick, make sure to prepare yourself with a hat, a life jacket, and non-slip shoes. Sunscreen, motion sickness medication, and a first aid kit are sailing basics to keep on hand at all times. 

You will have to do a bit of research to learn some sailing terms so you're familiar with the different sails on your yacht. Other than that, you're ready to start yachting. All it takes is practice. 

First, the sailboat is unmoored and the mainsail is released. Always watch your head for flailing booms!

In order to learn to sail, you have to learn how to manage wind angles. Sailing is all about catching the right wind with the right sail.

After casting off, the jib, the smaller sail on the bow, is raised along with the under sail. These sails will steer the boat until the boat has gathered enough speed to allow for rudder steering. Then, the sails will be used to provide speed, while the rudder can be used to maneuver the boat.

Sailing Drills

The best sailing guide is the sea itself. It's all about practice. Practice first with the boat hanging off the pier to learn about how the wind feels in the sails.

Then work on sailing towards a buoy or other fixed target. You can even try weaving between buoys to work on your positioning and maneuvering.

A third drill is changing tacks. If the wind is on the starboard side of the boat, you're using the starboard tack. If the wind is on the port side of the boat, you're using the port tack. 

Changing tacks involves switching from side to side, maneuvering the boat with respect to the sail position. Essentially, turning the boat around! 

Get Out on the Sea

Once you've figured out the basics of sailing, practice is the key to becoming a confident sailor. Renting a yacht is a great way to learn how to sail a yacht and have a great day on the water with your friends! 

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