How To Buy Lund Boats

Lund Boats has such a great variety of boats that you are sure to find one to fit your needs and wants.  With a such a great variety of boats at a wide range of pricing it is a boater's dream at Lund Boats.

The Lund Boats to choose from are 186 Fisherman GL, 197 Pro-V GL, the New 186 Pro Sport GL, 186 Tyee GL and, of course, the 208 Pro-V GL. This series of Lund Boats is the most popular on the market today and can be seen on any lake or river in many states.

The next series of Lund Boats to choose from are 1625 Rebel XL, 1625 Rebel, the new 1725 Rebel XL, 1825 Rebel XL and the 1475 Rebel.

Another series of Lund Boats to choose from are the new 2010 Predator, the new 1610&1710 Predator, 1825 Pro Guide, 1825 & 2010 Explorer , 1750 & 1850 Fisherman, 1700 Pro Sport, the New 1810 Predator, 2010 Pro Guide, 1675 & 1725 Pro Guide, 1675 & 1725 Explorer  and the 1800 & 2000 Sport Angler. This series of Lund Boats has the most choices with makes and models of any other Lund Boat.  Whether you're a weekend warrior or someone who spends most days on his boat, you should be able to find a model to fit you in this series.  

Yet another series of Lund Boats to choose from are 2025 Pro-V, 1800 Pro-V, 1900 Pro-V, the new 1975 Pro-V and 2075 Pro-V. This series would look great in any tournament and sure to a good boat for any competition or tournament.  For the sport & fisherman Lund Boats to choose from are 2150 Baron, 1750 & 1950 Tyee and the 1850 Tyee. This series is for the fisherman in your family.

A Lund Boat in a john boat is an excellent way to enjoy the water and with so many to choose from; they have nine different models in this series, and these are very popular boats that are sure to provide you hours of enjoyment.  The last  of the Lund Boats from which you can choose are the 2000 Alaskan, SSV 14, 16 & 18, 1750 Outfitter, A 12 & 14, 1600 & 1800 Alaskan, WC 12, 14 & 16, 1800 & 2000 Sport Angler Outfitter Edition and the WD 14. This series of boats has a wide variety of specifications and would make great boats for nearly any fisherman or weekend vacationer.

Lund Boats also has a wide selection of accessories to choose from along with their extensive selection of boats. You can find specific information on the models above and can locate certified Lund dealers by going to their website.


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