How To Buy Triton Boats

Serious fishermen will tell you that being able to get out to the fish is the most important aspect of fishing.  Having the right fishing boat is the goal, but finding a manufacturer that builds their boats with your complete safety in mind is an absolute.  Serious fishermen have gone out of their way to buy Triton boats since their inception because of quality and durability.   

Fiberglass fishing boats are normally made with a combination of fiberglass and wood.  The problem is that over time wood expands and contracts over time, softening to the point that the fasteners that hold the boat together come loose.  Since it’s impossible to chemically combine wood and fiberglass, the wood will always get wet and over time the boat deteriorates.  When you buy Triton boats, they use only super-strong space-age polyurethane core material that is used in aircraft design.  The material bonds chemically with the fiberglass to form an impenetrable material that never rots and is lighter than wood.  Triton boats surpass all floatation standards set down by the U.S. Coast guard, due to superior handcrafted manufacturing.   

The decision to buy a Triton boat is an easy one.  The difficult part comes on when you have to decide which fishing boat to purchase.  If you live on the ocean, Triton offers several models of seawater worthy crafts.  These boats offer comfort and speed to handle choppy sea conditions as well has storage above and below deck.  The Aluminum line is for fresh water enthusiasts, so whether you are a tournament bass fisher or just out for pleasure, these Triton boats are versatile for hunting and fishing.  They come in custom camouflage paint and streamlined design perfect for hiding in the reeds.  Buy Triton boats in the Walleye line for a family experience.  If the fish are just not biting, this versatile boat easily turns into a family skiing boat and has the horsepower needed to pull the family around the lake for hours of fun.

No matter if you are an avid fisherman, hunter, champion skier or just out with the family, Triton boats have something for you.  Handcrafted with the best materials and surpassing all rigorous testing standards set by the prestigious National Marine Manufacturers and American Yacht and Boat Counsel, you really cannot go wrong if you buy your own Triton boat.  There is no better way to enjoy fishing the high seas or the calm lakes.


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