How To Buy Water Polo Gear

Water polo's origins are vague, but it is known the first official game was sponsored by the London Swimming Club in 1870 and held at the Crystal Palace Plunge in London.  By 1888, the United States adopted the game.  Similar to rugby the sport became very popular.  Water polo was the first team sport to be added to the Olympic game line-up.  Whether you are Manuel Estiarte, who won the title of Greatest Water Polo Player of All Time, or just starting to play the game, you must buy the proper water polo gear.

Gear for the sport includes swim caps, swimsuits, robes, parkas, and goggles.  Speed and agility is needed for this fast-paced game and the gear you buy will definitely make a difference.  Freedom of movement and comfortable suits will let you concentrate on your winning game technique.

Swim caps come in several styles and materials.  Swim caps help in reducing drag and increase speed.  Water polo caps come in 3 materials:

  1. Latex
  2. Silicone
  3. Lycra

Your choice to buy a particular cap may depend on personal comfort or may be required by your team for a uniform look.

When buying water polo gear, you must choose the right swimsuit.  You want to look stylish, but need to choose a suit that is comfortable and allows total freedom of movement.  For men it is an easier decision as there is really only a choice between 2 styles, a short swim pant and a jammer (longer legged) swim suit.  For women there are several choices to decide upon before buying. Styles of women's swimsuits for water polo are the X-backed swimsuit, side zipper suit or the rubber zippered back suit. Choose your suit based on comfort, where it doesn't conflict with the team's requirements.

After you have purchased your water polo gear for swimming, you must select outer garments used to keep you warm before and after you swim.  Robes in terrycloth are best for the quality of absorbency and their warmth.  Parkas used for warmth come in many styles, both short and long, to give complete body coverage when out of the water.  Water polo parkas can be waterproof and less breathable or water resistant and more breathable.  Some liners are removable, so buy with that fact in mind.  Team emblems can be embroidered on the robes and parkas.

Deciding which goggles to buy is a personal decision; however, choose wisely.  Try several different styles until you find the right ones for you. Take the time to evaluate the goggles and choose the ones you think will most benefit you in the game.

Buy your water polo gear now, grab a ball and win the game!


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