How To Find a Rodeo Schedule

If you are a rodeo fan, or a rodeo competitor, you need to know when and where all the best rodeos are taking place. The best way to do this is to find a schedule.

First, you need to decide if you are looking for local rodeos or national rodeos. If you want to go to rodeos in your state, do a Google search for your state plus the words "rodeo association." Almost every state has its own rodeo association, and most rodeo associations have a website with a schedule of rodeos.

Some rodeo associations encompass a specific area. For example, the Northwest Professional Rodeo Association (NPRA) is a rodeo association that puts on rodeos only in the Northwest. The NPRA usually hosts rodeos in Oregon, Washington, and Northern California. Once you have found a rodeo association, save their website in favorites and write down all the dates into your calendar, so that you can check it daily to see when the next rodeo will be.

If you want to go to national rodeos, the best way to find out about them is to visit the PRCA's website or the WPRA's website. The PRCA is the Professional Rodeo Cowboys association, and the WPRA is the Women's Professional Rodeo Association. These two associations often put on rodeos together, but also put on rodeos separately. The Women's Professional Rodeo Association hosts barrel races, which only women can participate in at PRCA rodeos.  The PWRA, Professional Women's Rodeo Association allows women to compete in rodeo events that the PRCA would only allow men to compete in. Only women can compete in the PWRA rodeos.

If your son or daughter is interested in watching or participating in rodeos, another good place to look for a rodeo schedule is at the high schools and colleges in your area. Many high schools offer high school rodeo programs and can give you a schedule of events that they will be having throughout the year. Many colleges have a similar type of program, so calling the colleges in your area for a schedule of events could prove worthwhile.

Finally, if you are primarily interested in bull riding, your best bet is to look at the PBRA (Professional Bull Riding Association) for a list of events. The PBRA does not put on rodeos. It only puts on bull riding events, so if you are interested in the other events the PBRA is probably not for you.


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