How To Find a Ski Binding Adjustment Chart

Finding a ski binding adjustment chart doesn't hit you until you suddenly need one.  You've seen a ski binding adjustment chart in the ski shop, and you've seen them in various ski areas, but when you need one, where do you go to find one?  That is the great question, and it's only in the heat of the moment that we realize we need things like this.

The best place to find a ski binding adjustment chart is at your local ski outfitter.  The best place to start is to call the people you bought them from, and ask them if they happen to have a chart on hand; however, most people in this day and age buy their stuff from the internet and have no way to contact a shop.  That's OK.  Get onto the same website that you bought the ski bindings from, and there should be a link to a local store where you can ask them for a ski binding adjustment chart.

If in fact, you can not find a place like this, you can always go into the vast forest that is the internet.  Go to your favorite search engine, such as Google, and put in "ski binding adjustment chart."  A word to the wise while doing this: in the top left hand side of the Google site there is an option to go to images.  A ski binding adjustment chart would be an image rather than a list of text.  Click on the word "image", and it will take you to the "Google images".  Scroll through the first couple of pages and see if you can find what you are looking for.  If the first few pages do not have it, you need to go back to the web.  Simply click on the word "web", next to "images," and you'll be taken right back to the web search you know so well.  Look through the web search, and there will be someone that has a ski binding adjustment chart.

The last place is the library.  Do not fumble with the computer or any of that nonsense.  Walk directly up to the people behind the reference desk, who each have a Master's of Library Sciences, and ask them for a book that would have a ski binding adjustment chart.  They will know exactly how to research this.  In a few key strokes of their magic computer, you will be directed to a ski binding adjustment chart.


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