How To Find Ski Deals

As an avid skier I have found several different ways to get great ski deals.

The first and the best way for most people to get deals on skiing is to look for package deals. These include Lift passes and motel accommodations all in one package rate. Lift passes are required for access to the mountain and the ski lifts. Most motels in these packages will be either next to the ski slopes or very close to the ski area. When the two of these deals are combined into one package, it simplifies everything and gives you more time to enjoy your skiing.

Something a beginning skier wants to look for is at least a half day or full day of ski school included in the package. Most ski instructors are very patient and enjoy their jobs. Usually, even people with two left feet will be doing the basics after half a day with an instructor. Adding this to the package will give you a discount on the ski school. You can also hire an instructor to give you personal ski lessons. Of course, this will cost more - but once again, if you get it with a package deal it will save you some money overall.

Plane tickets are usually available to get with a total package deal, however I have found that if you plan ahead and search a little bit you will save money by purchasing your airfare separately. Also, if you live close to the mountains, some ski resorts send shuttles and buses daily to and from the major cities for little or no charge.

The second way to get great ski deals is a little more time consuming with some "fly by the seat of your pants" thrown in.

Most hotels close to the ski resorts are going to be more expensive than motels located closer to a big town or freeway. Calling ahead for these motels is a must, because you never know when a big sporting event will be in the selected town. Apart from that you will be able to save money by renting a car or taking the shuttle up to the resorts.

Also, planning the trip for the middle of the week will get you better ski deals because most resorts will lower their lift ticket prices Monday through Thursday. Call each day to find which resort has the best deal, because they change by the day.

Either way, skiing is lots of fun - and it's even better if you can get a great deal. Happy Skiing!


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