How To Find Surf Schools

When choosing a surf school, the world is your playground, offering many exotic locations - but don't forget to factor in your cost of living while you attend camp. There are some great surf schools on the coast of France, but the U.S. does not have a favorable exchange rate with Europe. Your daily food, transportation and entertainment costs are mitigated by one-third after a currency exchange with the Euro. For shorter surf camp sessions this may be affordable, but for long term sessions a domestic camp or alternate continent may be necessary.

In contrast to spending Euros for your surf lessons, Fiji offers a two-to-one exchange rate to the dollar in our favor. For the surfer on a budget, taking class in a country where the U.S. dollar is multiplied can be a great way to surf and save at the same time, without sacrificing quality. For a quick conversion of your surfing budget, try to get the latest currency exchange rates.

The Fiji Surf School, located in Nadi, Fiji, is the premier professional choice of Australian surfers for the island's tempered climate and perfect wave conditions all year round. This academy is known for its expertise and tailor-made surf classes for all ages, from children to the elderly.  They also providing all levels of instruction, from beginner to advanced.

For more South Pacific choices, try Surf Hawaii for seasonal promotions and great rates twelve months a year. When searching for a Hawaii surf camp, you may elect to attend camp in a semi-isolated area, giving you some elbow room on the water. Many surf camps advertise uncrowded beach locations on Oahu, Maui and The Big Island, with transportation to and from your lodging for a nominal fee.

For the surfer on a tight vacation schedule, you may not have the flexibility for summer surfing, so the island and South Pacific sites may be your best bet for a warm climate year round. The European surf schools also operate much of the year, but you will have the added expense of a full body wetsuit should you have to book in the cooler season.

Whether your surf camp objective is a domestic school or an exotic overseas experience, displays dozens of quality surfing schools in Hawaii, Barbados, Canary Islands, Costa Rica, France, Ireland, Martinique, Morocco, Portugal, Senegal and Spain. Each surf camp listed comes with an informative webpage and easy online applications, making this site the perfect place to do one-stop shopping for your next surfing school registration.


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