How To Get the Right Surf Accessories

Surfing can be performed on numerous types of equipment, such as wave skis, surf mats, kneeboards, body boards, stand up paddle boards, long boards, and surfboards. There are various types of accessories that should be purchased to ensure a great surfing adventure!


Leashes or leg ropes play an important part when surfing. Try to get one that is longer than the board by at least one foot. Leashes are essential to keep the surfboard from washing to shore in case a surfer "wipes out" or to stop the board from hitting other surfers. Having a back up is a good idea, and the leash usually costs around $15 to $30.


Wax is to keep a surfer from slipping off the board. Wax is very inexpensive at around $1 for a single unit, and the brand Mrs. Palmers is a good brand for cold water.

Car Racks

Getting the right surf accessories includes buying a car rack. When traveling out to the beach, one needs a bolt-on version for a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), or a travel-style version for the occasional visit. The car racks average about $60. Shorter boards can usually fit into a minivan.


Every surfboard needs fins. They can be permanently attached or interchangeable. Good brands for fins are FCS and Loknox fins which have forward and backward adjustments.

Repair Kits

Your surf accessories wouldn't be complete without a repair kit. Surfers are always experiencing accidents with their surfboards. It is always good to have an on-hand repair kit for a quick repair like the Quick stick or Sun cure repair kit.

Board Bags

Board bags are essential for keeping your board protected while traveling, to keep it in good shape.

Clothing Gear

In warmer temperatures, it is okay to wear surfing trunks or board shorts, but in colder waters, wet suits are the best choice.


Now that you have all the accessories, it is time to pick out a surfboard. A long board is usually around nine feet long. A short board, which was introduced in the 1960's, is made up of its three fin design, and is typically around six feet in length. Midsize boards maneuver better than a long board, thus adopting the name "fun boards."

Surfing can be a very good adventure sport and an excellent pass time. Having all the right surf accessories on hand will make the experience so much more enjoyable. Surfing can be done professionally, involving competitive sports contests, or for fun, just "catching a wave".


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