How To Adjust Swim Goggles

Swimming in the pool or the ocean is truly a relaxing experience. But what excites a swimmer most is when he can get to dive in a lake or ocean and see what is beneath. The problem with ocean is the salty composition of the water that stings the eyes when exposed to it, affecting a person’s underwater experience. Goggles play a major part in enjoying nature’s hidden treasures by seeing underwater clearly. A good pair of goggles does not allow water, salty or chlorinated water, to enter and sting your eyes. Otherwise, this can result to blurred vision and red, irritated eyes; rendering the goggles useless.

There are different styles of goggles, even the way of adjusting their straps to fit the swimmer’s face. Some can adjust the strap that goes behind the head of the wearer, while some goggles allow the nose to be adjusted too.

Before you go swimming or diving, try on the goggles so you can check if it fits you well. You can make adjustments right then and there so you can ask for help if you need any. Most stores that sell goggles teach the customers how to adjust the straps since different goggles have different ways of adjusting them. You can also do the adjustments in the water. That way, you can also check whether that pair of goggles allows the water to get inside or not.

If you are not familiar with the ways in adjusting goggle straps, then you will find the steps below very helpful.

  • Goggles with no nose adjustments but has strap adjustments. The common type of goggles are those with no nose adjustments, and only the strap that goes behind the head can be adjusted to fit the swimmer’s head and keep it strapped tightly. The simplest and easiest type has a leveler that allows easy adjustment of the strap. All you have to do is raise the leveler and pull the strap loose. Put on the goggles. Tighten the strap by pulling at its end. Keep pulling until you find the strap tight and secured enough.
  • Goggles with both nose and strap adjustments. The nose can be easily adjusted by turning the nose until the half of the goggles is detached from the other half. You will see two O rings. These can be adjusted to make them smaller or bigger. Restore the piece and you are done adjusting the nose. The straps on the other hand are secured by a clip. To adjust it, one must remove the strap from the clip. Then you can adjust it to your desired length. After that, put them back in the clip. This type of goggles is also anti-fog and protects the wearer from the UV Rays.

Commonly, the adjustment of length of the strap and the size of the nose is only one time, unless someone else uses it and he makes adjustments to fit his face. 


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