How To Avoid Fouls in Basketball

It’s the last two minutes of the fourth quarter. You’re three points behind the leading team and you need this win very badly. The mayor is watching. So is your family. There it is, you see the ball and it’s going to be passed to you for the heroic shot that will tie the game and push it into overtime. You feel the adrenaline rush, you catch the ball and head for a dunk, and the crowd goes wild. Victory is close at hand, and then you get fouled!

You wake up from this very bad dream and ask, “How to avoid fouls in basketball?” Go no further than this page and find out.

There are two kinds of fouls in basketball: the personal foul and the technical foul.

The personal foul is about direct bodily contact with an opponent. To avoid a personal foul, stick to the no-contact rule, which means no pushing, holding, tripping, charging, and impeding an opponent’s progress by physical means.

A technical foul is a flagrant violation of the administrative and ethical rules of basketball. To avoid a technical foul:

  1. Steer clear of infractions like failing to supply the lineup to the scorers, having more than five players inside the court, overdoing your timeouts, and dirty tactics to delay a game.
  2. Do not cuss at the referees.
  3. Do not display hostility or take a threatening stance.
  4. Never hold the ball for more than two steps from a running position without dribbling it. This is called traveling in basketball terms.
  5. Do not wear an illegal number or change to a different jersey during a game without proper notification and authorization.
  6. Do not show off by dunking a ball during warm-up or practice.
  7. Avoid grasping, grabbing, slapping, or striking ring, basket, and backboard to gain an advantage unless you are preventing personal bodily harm. In this case, the referee will decide if this merits a foul or otherwise.
  8. Do not leave the court without permission.
  9. Do not delay returning to the court after stepping out of its boundaries.
  10. Promptly hand the ball over to an official after being called for a violation.
  11. Do not interfere with the ball after a score has been made.
  12. Do not attempt a free throw when you are not entitled to one.
  13. Do not interfere with a free throw from the opposing team.
  14. Do not enter the court as a substitute without permission from your coach and the officials.
  15. The prohibition on the use of profanity and abusive language extends to members of your team sitting on the bench courtside, your team personnel, your attendants, and your coaches. If any one member of your team does this, you’re all going down.
  16. Do not attack a heckler. Every sport has them. It’s unavoidable so keep a level and cool head.
  17. This may come as nothing short of stupid to you but it merits mention just the same. Do not occupy the opponent’s bench. This is not where you should be during a game.

Now that you know this information about preventing fouls in basketball, you can play like a winner and sleep like a winner without bad dreams of a game gone wild and awry. Let’s play ball!


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