How To Be Aggressive in Football

Football, as we are all aware, is a high-contact sport, and those who engage in it should expect hard-core gaming at the field. The most effective football players should be able to hold their own amidst all the other strong players, and definitely, aggressiveness and power are key. If you yourself want to be a more aggressive football player, here are some tips to help you out:

  • Do strength training. Remember, to be a good football player, you’d have to be strong. The training you embark upon should aim to gradually build up your strength, and you should avoid hitting a plateau in your workout. Make sure that you allot exercise on your upper body and your lower body as well. And experts recommend that when you do strength training, you have to be sure to train your body to act fast, as well.
  • Work out your lower body. As mentioned, it’s essential that you allot adequate time to work out your lower body, particularly your upper thighs and the backs of your legs. Do this by doing box squats, regular front squats. lateral lunges, and lifts. The key is to thoroughly develop your hamstrings, glutes and calfs, to give you more aggressive speed while on the field.
  • Practice acceleration. Apart from building up your strength, you have to learn to transfer your power to acceleration. Imagine being able to run through the field unhampered even by opponents on the way. You can practice your acceleration by practicing running and lateral movement on the field. One suggested exercise is to sprint through the field with a parachute on your back, to help you develop intense acceleration.
  • Learn to block an opponent and get him out of the way. A strategy in football is to lift up your opponent by his shoulder pads to get him out of the way. Occupying the opponent in such a way will in effect create room for a pass to be delivered. Do be wary of football rules so you won’t be called out for a defensive holding pass on this move.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. In football, it pays to develop a quick mind so you could think on your feet. When it comes to aggression, it becomes effective only if you channel it towards a specific purpose. Be thoroughly aware of the gameplan and train yourself to be aware of where the game is headed just by a single glance. Having this ability will enable you to make quick decisions, and your body should quickly follow through these action plans.

Though some football coaches believe that defense in football is the name of the game, more experts believe that aggression and power are key to the making the win. More than three-quarters of the game is the training that you undertake, and so it’s very important that you always participate in workouts and drills that are meant to build up your strength and your power. Make sure that the workouts you do are specially designed for football players, as other sports such as long distance running might even be disadvantageous to those who want to get trained on football. Remember, with the proper workout and practice, you’d be explosive in the field in no time!


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