How To Become a NASCAR Driver

The NASCAR is one of the most popular stock car racing leagues in the United States today. NASCAR or National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing Inc. is a motor-sport that was founded by Bill France Sr. and was officially formed on the 1st of February 1948. The NASCAR is divided into three divisions that include National Wide Series, Sprint Cup Series and Craftsman Truck Series.

Becoming a NASCAR driver is not an easy task. To be a professional NASCAR racer requires a high level of knowledge in professional driving. You also need to have a huge patience to become a racer. A good educational background also provides you the ability to stand out in front of the paparazzi. Here are some ways that will help you become a pro NASCAR racer.

Fitness - Being physically fit makes you stay on track when racing within long mile courses. Having high stamina gives you the ability to drive and stay in the circuit for long hours. Being perfectly fit also increases your alertness when going into tight curve lines.

Slim Against Heavy Types - The body weight of a NASCAR racer is something to look out for. Basically, a slim fit type racer gains advantage against heavier muscular types of race drivers because every pound of a racer can affect the race car’s speed in quick turning and drifting while heavier race car drivers have better chances of drifting in tracks when turning into tight curve lines. The overall weight of the race car, which includes the race car driver, determines the top speed of the vehicle.

Background about Racing - To become a good racer, you have to know more about the background of racing. You can talk to people that have real racing experience or drag racing experience. You can also research the do’s and don’t of racing over the Internet.

Driving Lessons - Taking up driving lessons is important. Driving lessons increase your knowledge about the basics of driving from accelerating, braking, turning and quick turning. Driving schools also teach you the laws of the road. Also remember that some of the known driving schools are not always the best so be sure to do your research.

Driving into Race Tracks - Practicing in a racetrack helps you get into the zone in professional driving if you don’t have enough money to participate in a local racing tournament.

Watch and Go - Watching and going into a real racetrack is also important. Watching real car circuit racing increases your understanding of some of the basics of professional racing like quick turning, drifting and tight curve turning.

Under the Hood - If you want to be a NASCAR driver, you have to know what is in the hood of your racecar....basically the parts of the car you are driving from car engine to suspensions.

Go out and Form a Team - If you think you have enough information about the basics of driving, it’s time to form a team. To become a NASCAR driver, you need to have a team or sponsors. This helps you get into the NASCAR world. Basically your team feeds you information about the track status including track time and status of your race car.


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