How To Become an NFL Scout

The love of NFL inspires us to be a part of the game. But landing a job with the NFL, whether as a player or a scout, will require both expertise and a passion for football. This is especially true if you want to become an NFL scout. Becoming an NFL scout does not happen instantly. One cannot just approach a general manager of an NFL team in the hopes of landing a job as an NFL scout. In this article, we will discuss some of the basics to make it as an NFL scout.

  1. Want to become an NFL player first. Anybody wanting to get involved in professional football will, at one point or another, aspire to become an NFL player first.  And this is not a bad idea at all as love for the game is probably the best thing you can arm yourself with if you ever want to get into this field. And for one to become an NFL player, one needs to have played high school and college football really well. Some think that only one's football playing skills are needed to survive through high school and college. This is not true as one will need to maintain good grades to be able to continue playing amateur football. If you don't make it good academically, you may get automatically kicked out of the football team and permanently ruin your efforts of making it as a professional football player.
  2. Opt to take relevant courses in college. While there is no specific course aimed at teaching one to become an NFL scout, there are actually other relevant courses that could help you become an NFL scout. Management and business courses are good choices as these will help hone your organizational, management and people skills.
  3. Observe the nuances of the game. Complete understanding of the game is of course a must to become an NFL scout.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the qualities that a good football player must possess. You should be able to pinpoint the qualities that make a football team a force to reckon with in  the field. Okay, so these qualities are intangibles. But you should be able to identify a good player by watching his game, observing his body form, and talking with him. Good football athletes not only have excellent physical form and stamina but also possess team spirit and good attitude.

A football team will always be only as good as its team members. This is why the job of an NFL scout is very important. If you deem that you have what it takes to make it as an NFL scout, then by all means submit your resume. You will most likely be required to watch specific games to test you of your scouting skills so be sure to observe the clips keenly.


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