How To Boost Your Accuracy: 3 Pieces of Shooting Range Gear That Help

man aiming target in indoor firing range

About 80% of the rifles sold are not accurate. You can address this by making adjustments to your gun. But accurate shooting is about more than the rifle. 

You need the right combination of gun, skill, and equipment.

The firearm needs adjustments and the skill you acquire through time and practice at the range. 

We are going to help you with the third piece of the puzzle, the range gear. Try including these three pieces of equipment when you head to the range to improve your accuracy. 

1. Scope

You get what you pay for when it comes to scopes. You could opt for a cheap scope out of China, but it won't be accurate, and it'll probably fall apart when you need it most. Japanese made scopes are middle of the road, with a clear vision and reliable accuracy. 

The best scopes are manufactured in the US. These scopes use high-quality materials and take into account all of the necessary details. This includes eye relief. 

You should find a scope that has the proper amount of eye relief for the recoil of the rifle. Otherwise, you'll have to get your face closer to the scope to accurately judge your shot. This increases the risk of injury upon firing during the recoil. 

For maximum accuracy, use a shim when attaching the scope to reduce vibration. When tightening the screws down, use Loctite so that you don't have to wrench down on the screws and risk damaging the threads. Scopes that use steel rings are stronger than those that use aluminum rings. 

2. Sling 

When shooting with a rifle, it's all about increasing stability and reducing movement. A fraction of a wiggle at your hands or arm can translate to wild inaccuracy downrange. 

Make sure you have a true sling and not a carry strap, these are not interchangeable. The carry strap is a longer strap that's designed to hang over your shoulder to make moving through the wilderness easier. 

A sling will help you carry, retain, and fire your weapon. You can wear a sling across the body to retain and use your weapon while it's slung. Or you can use the sling to create tension and support for your support arm. 

3. Bipod 

Another way to eliminate movement and create a steady firing stance is to use a bipod. This will create a solid support system for the barrel of the gun. 

Not all bipods are created the same, though. You'll want one with adjustable leg lengths so that the terrain doesn't dictate your shot. Adjusting the cant will allow you to compensate for bullet drop in extreme distances. 

You should also look for sealed roller bearings, like the Evolution Bipod, so that it rotates seamlessly for precision panning. 

Purchase the Right Range Gear for Accuracy 

No amount of gear can compensate for proper form and hours of practice at the range. But you need to have decent equipment that will help you achieve the accuracy you desire. After all, poor quality range gear can sabotage your efforts and possibly force you to compensate and thereby make you a worse shot. 

Try adding these three pieces of equipment to your shooting equipment the next time you head to the range. With a bit of practice, you'll see your accuracy rates improve. 

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