How To Break in a Softball Glove

There are numerous methods that you can utilize if you want to break in and to condition your softball glove the best fit. The most common of these is the mechanical method in which athletes beat their softball glove to retain a good shape. Softball gloves, on the other hand vary in quality. Some gloves are difficult to break in. For instance, a glove made of leather is not easy to break in. Here are some ways to break in your softball glove:

  1. Make the leather soft. There are many available oils in the market to do this job. Do not worry because these oils do not cause much. Since competition among oil companies is high, the price is cheaper. You can choose from the following: saddle soap, glove oil, and mink oil. Use small amount of oil. Wipe it around your softball glove. Do not bathe the glove with oil. Soaking a glove in a pool of oil is not advisable, as excess oil will ruin your glove. You can also avail of the glove treatment. This includes a procedure of using foam and baking your glove to soften it.
  2. If you do not want oil, use a cream. Generously apply cream on your softball glove. Unlike the oil, excess cream is good for your glove. Make sure that you apply cream on the back and the palm side. Do this creaming session every day while applying the same amount of cream. This procedure will make your softball glove softer and easier to handle during the game. Make sure that you have practiced the use of your softer glove two days before the final game. This will give you the chance of adjusting with your new softball glove.
  3. Loosen the leather. Get a rubber mallet. Use this mallet to beat your softball glove. You may also use other tools that will help you do the job easier. There is no minimum or maximum amount of beating. Judge the product. If you think your glove is in its right shape, stop the beating. If you think it needs more, provide more beatings. Do not give more than the needed beats. Instead of turning your glove into good shape, you will only end up buying a new one because you ruined the old one.
  4. Do a hand fitting session. Wear the glove comfortably. Make sure that your blood can still circulate. Tighten the strap. Do not squeeze the strap. Remove the glove while leaving its original shape. Use a cloth to wipe some oil around your glove. Apply the oil evenly. Rub some oil into the folds and the fissures of your glove. Let your glove dry under the heat of the sun. Use some old papers to set as a drying area for your gloves. Put a softball inside your glove. Use a belt to wrap the glove. This procedure will break in and give an appealing shape for your glove. 

It is easy to break in a softball glove. All you have to do is to choose and apply one from these techniques. You may also employ the techniques listed alternately. Enjoy your softball game with a glove that is softer and is in good shape. 


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