How To Build a Fishing Rod Holder

Four fishing rods

Some people say fishing is a hands on affair, I say otherwise. There is nothing better than kicking back with a line in the water. It's not so comfortable if you have to hold onto a pole the whole time. Fishing pole holders can be purchased at just about any sporting goods store, but why buy when we can make it cheaper, right?

First and foremost consider your setting. Where are you fishing from? A boat or the shore? This should be taken into consideration right? No, I will give you a simple design to make a pole holder that will work in your boat or on the shore. This design consist of a 2x4 roughly one to one to one and a half feet in length, a drill with a attachment for boring holes, and a securing device. The device you use to secure the pole holder will be interchangeable so you can use this on a boat or on the shore.

For your shore side setup the securing device will be best if it is a spike you plunge into the ground for security. This device should also be firmly attached to the piece of 2x4. If the 2x4 moves your rob holder will fail. The boat set up will require a fastening device to secure it to the bench or seat or whatever it is you want to secure it to. This will take some ingenuity on your part because everyone has different boats and different desires in positioning.

To begin take your 2x4 and clamp it down, drill a two or three holes all the way through at a slight angle, About 60 degrees. The angle should face the water at all times. Then drill one hole a half inch in from each end of the 2x4. These holes should be smaller about a quarter inch hole, these holes are for securing purposes. Once this is completed figure out how you want to secure this device. For ground planting get some big long nails from the hardware store and a flush washer for counter pressure.

For a boat you must find where you want to mount it first, then decide what best would work for this. If you don’t mind bolting it down this would work the best, otherwise you can hold it with your feet if you so chose. Remember when using this setup the angle faces the water, the pole goes all the way to the bottom. Do not worry about your pole coming out, if you do this correctly your pole will break before it pops out. If you don’t feel you have the skills or time you can always buy one from a sporting goods store.


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